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I want to die alone.

Curled up

with my own thoughts

welcoming the end

with contented bliss.

I don't want to be

circled by my

friends and family

clutching my hand,

reciting prayers,



for the last breath.

Most of these people

I don't even like.

Leave me be.

I'm not going

to forgive you,

and I don't want

to be forgiven.

All the sad looks,

and the whispered


don't help.

What really matters,

what I truely want,

are more of those times

when we forget

the dying.

When laughter

fills the air,

when stories

are being told,

memories created.

I want to cry

because I laughed

so hard my joy

is leaking.

Life is not

always happy

and the end of life

I suppose,

not so heroic,

but as endings go,

I suspect,

it can be

rather spectacular.

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I've always thought it would be good to write your own obituary, especially at an early age, and make it really positive and make read as someone you would really like to be like, and then try to be that person. I think it would make the world a happier place.


What a wonderful idea! I think I'll try my hand at that!




Yes, me too.


Sorry but I can't strip my faith away to discuss death because I view things through that prism. For me every one on this planet is going through gestation period. Life has started but we have not yet been completed. Just as King David understood that in his mothers womb he was knit together which gave us this body. So first birth we are to live life in this body. The rest of our time on this planet is to refine our character for our real life after this one. Death is the birth canal to a finished product.

So in conclusion, my thoughts are that we are on this planet to figure out who God is, and who we are and what is our relationship to God. Once you have this information what are you going to do with it. In my book the Greatest in the finished life are those who did the most serving, those who believed, and not only believed but took that info. and live their life according to that belief.

I tried to be as PC as I could.


Beautiful! Your faith and beliefs keeps you strong! I appreciate your thoughts


HAL, It's very refreshing for once to hear the real man behind the clown and the cut-up. Thank you for revealing a more serious side.


I'm sorry


No need but thank you!

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The first real live post from jupiterjane the Poet, that I have seen in a year or more. So what is it about ? "dying"

You think it is time to go jupiter ? But have you seen all of the carry-on gang movies. Have you been to Disney Land. Are you ready and in a state of grace.

Most of these people, I don't even like. Leave me be.

I'm not going to forgive you,and I don't want to be forgiven"

I guess not

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Thanks GymBag . I am ready to go and with no regrets.


No regrets, truly,

I know that you have been in pain and angry, and probably rightly so. I hope to hear from you again next year but thats just me being selfish and thinking about me. Now we are thinking about you. God be with you.

a song for you

I have been thinking about you

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a poem ?


I'm thinking of you

with respect and affection.

You certainly know

how to catch our attention.



Thank You!


Yours was one of the first names I remember from Posts long ago. You were the ultimate poet. Your poems were like handsful of literal chaff, blown into the air, settling into place in readers' minds, touching each of us differently. I missed your Posts and poems, was gratified recently when you responded to a blog. Life on earth will continue when you and I are gone but, in truth, there will never be another JUPITER JANE.


Thank You Ronn I appreciate your kind words. I have been struggling the last couple of years with anxiety, lack of concentration, and just a general feeling of blah! The poetry used to flow from me, sometimes so fast I could not get the words down on paper quick enough, now it I am having a hard time just speaking word! I am determined to write again. I wonder if a medicine for ADD would work? I'll have to check into that. Once again "Thank You"!


What a super poem about death and to write such a personal rendition, Jane. Do you write other stuff? Have you recorded it so it be played at your funeral, you might start a national trend, lol. I write every now and then, but have to be in the right mind set.


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