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I have strong tremors on my right arm and hand. Does somebody know how to stop or reduce tremors with natural therapies or supplements ?

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I have tried for the past five years, still looking

Catlou in reply to RoyProp

How's the thiamine working for you?

marcet in reply to Catlou

I haven't try thiamine as i know nothing about it. Do you use it ? Is it reducing your tremors ?

Alwarid in reply to marcet

I take CBD and still

Get the Tremor

How much CBD do you take and schedule for taking it?

RoyProp in reply to Catlou

to early to say. Only that my vision has improved.

I have now added hi doses: calcium, potassium and B complex by recommendation of my neuro. This for pain in the legs and not PD.

CBD oil

marcet in reply to Cbgs

Which one do you use ?

Cbgs in reply to marcet

I've settled on the vape pen


I'm in NY which is a legal marijuana state

I am extremely cautious when researching toast. I have yet to get up, up, up. I find that up to a 1 to 1 ratio of cinnamon to sugar will not induce the up, up, up feeling. My problem is that my toaster has really become full of himself.

Caution strong language " I wish there were no f....s in this prank but I found it very funny " in spite of the language which is part of the game.

If anybody finds this really offensive let me know and I will take it down.


Where the heck did u find that ????

Ur too funny

Just communicating with the language of tomorrow. It is a big way of staying in communication with the kids.

My wife found it offensive so it goes bye bye.

It is hard to find the right mixture. To much toasting and I have issues with dyskinesia. not enough then pain.

Toasting causes dyskinesia ????

For me yes. Is there a link between dopamine and dark toast maybe.

Hmmmm I know when I had a lot of toast one night I did not feel good at all

In fact I felt like my head was on cement ( I was laying in bed)

And I felt like I every muscle was tense trying to keep me still

I def did not find any enjoyment in it at all !

So now maybe every once in a while I'll just have a nibble !!!

I have not toasted out yet. My left foot rolls to the outer edge and my toes start drumming on said foot. Those have been the beginning symptoms when I have to much sinamet. I don't have any problem with straight bread.

Omg !!

My left foot too !!!!

By the end of the day my big toe is raw!!

Alwarid in reply to Cbgs

Sorry.see above for my question

Cbd oil plus high grade hemp oik. Try Charlottes Web from Colorado. Small doses. No high at low doses

No high at all. I started with Charletsweb and it got me through about 2 months. It took more and more to reach the results that I did at first that it became economically to expensive. I was using 300 mg a day. So with much research I started looking at toast. I'm having good results so far but much more research.


He's joking, Rosa. He's our resident comedian.

If you add cbd oil with thc depending on ratio and amount. It will produce a high.

But i live in va. I wish i could buy it

I think toast will be looked at very hard this year. The problem is how do you make your toast. It is my observation that those with cancer like their toast dark, no problem, stoners have been finding new ways to burn their toast. I on the other hand like my toast light, with just a hint of toastiness. Also I don't like my toast all at once. I want it to last for hours. I hope to have answers soon. All though I don't think it will be legalized I do think that it is probably being looked at in the new healthcare law, why savings.

You can buy Charlotte's Web from Colorado. They sell it as a dietary supplement so that it can be shipped to states. Check on their website and see or call their 800 number. They are great to talk with. My husband takes the most expensive and strongest (Everyday Advance) but he has REM Sleep Disorder and although it isn't perfect most nights he sleeps like a baby. It also helps him with anxiety as well. He takes twice a day. For us along Charlotte's Web has helped him get off seizure medicine which was what he was prescribed fro REM Sleep Disorder. Thanks

What is the name of company or website

Alwarid in reply to closer43

What is the name of the business in Colorado,and their phone no.if you have it.

Thanks for your help,


closer43 in reply to Alwarid

Here is their link.


Yep, spent all day yesterday making toast. I had to do it outside, the family complains about the stench.


I must be missing something???

What's all this talk about toast ??

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Alwarid in reply to Cbgs

As you said,you take your Toast

lightly toasted.

Just imagine if you had cancer and have to eat Toast very brown,and burned .Would your family leave you? Tell your present family to be a bit more understanding or else you will leave them and come live in frozen Youkon

Only to


I have found two interesting ways to temporarily stop a resting tremor:

1. Clench the fist of the shaking hand

2. Stretch your fingers out as far as they can go.

In both cases, because you are consciously controlling those actions, the tremor stops.

You can be sitting down in a chair and wanting to 'hide' your tremor. Place you tremor hand on your knee and splay your fingers out and then hold your arm up so that it holds the fingers in that position. Viola!

You can sit or stand with your fist clenched but it takes more conscious effort.

It doesnt work for me

What about leg tremors?

What type of leg tremors are you talking about? Is it while you are resting or is it while you are using your legs?

Resting once both arms start the legs join in

Are you talking about dyskinesia

Can you get dykensia if you never taken c/l ?

To the best of my knowledge Dyskinesia is caused by too much levodopa in the substantia nigra, so if you don't take any levodopa then you can't get dyskinesia.

hi marcet well i have the same, i have had it for about 5 years..its not 2 bad now as i have it under control.what do you take for your tremors,,

marcet in reply to Motherfather

Hi Motherfather, i take only azilect and some supplements like coq10, nadh, etc. How do you do to have it under control ?

Motherfather in reply to marcet

hi marcet well u need more than 1 azilect i take Q,10 as well but thats more for the heart.i take 3 tablets with it im not sure were you live im from australia..the tablets are dopamine called madopar its 250/50..very good 1 three times a day..yes i have it under control..i hope this helps marcet.

marcet in reply to Motherfather


Hikoi in reply to marcet

I think all people here with resting tremors take some medication marcet and use the other techniques as a part of the way they deal with pd tremor. I can stop my tremor almost instantly by focusing on it and conciously relaxing my body but i cant do that all day and night!

As well as levadopa i found amantadine helpful.


I think that John Pepper is on the right track. Years ago a friend taught me to do a sort of self-hypnosis. I was to lie on my back with my arms at my sides, listening to gentle music, and as I breathed in, think Peace, and as I breathed out, Quiet Arm. I thought it was absurd, quite frankly, but I tried it for a half hour and the tremor stopped. Later in the day it took 15 minutes, then 10, 5, and now I can just will it to stop. No music, no lying down. I often show audiences how readily I can do that. Worth a try.

My husband does a short meditation which will quiet his tremor when it gets annoying. It will return once he stops but at a much lower rate. He also finds when he reads (if it is not at the climax of the book) or watches TV, the tremor he has often stops completely.

marcet in reply to NanCyclist

Thanks, very interesting. Could you please explain more how you do your self-hypnosis ? Once you control the tremors, do they start again after 10mn or 1 hour or do they disappear completely ?

NanCyclist in reply to marcet

To do. the self-hypnosis, initially I lay quietly on my back and thought Peace and Quiet Arm in sync with deep breathing. The more I did it, the easier it became. Now it's second nature.

Some times the tremors disappear completely and other times they reappear. I think it depends on the levels of stress I'm experiencing, time of day, time before and after Sinemet, etc. Because the tremors are so tied to my current experience, I think it makes them more vulnerable to mind control, such as self hypnosis. When I was asked to read a poem at a friend's wedding, my hand flapped so hard my husband (who was officiating) had to hold my arm to steady it. As soon as the poem was over, the tremor was over too. Now I calm myself down before giving a talk and even give a. tremor demonstration during the talk.

marcet in reply to NanCyclist


I take Sinemet, but still have some tremor. To stop them, I either exercise, work with the hand, or sit quietly and try to clear my mind.

Great replies...if I look at my trembling hand I can will it to stop but it will start up again. Works for about 10 min.

I too have tremor in my left hand.The Tremor starts after the Sinamet wears Doctor thinks I get Akathasia...I will see him on May 2nd to deal with the Hand tremor

If you have an ace bandage around, take it and wrap your tremor arm tight and snugly. Does this help.

There is a physical therapist at the M.A.P.C. who discovered that the compression bands will cosmetically stop your tremors. Somewhat like sitting on your hand.

One of the things I leRnrd from this website is to stretch the fingers of the affected arm as soon as you feel the tremors .i have the same problem but with my left arm and family doctor thought the arm tremors when my meds wear my solution is to take more meds or stretch the fingers and both remedies work

Hi Marcet, It has been a year since this post...I was wondering if you found anything to reduce your tremors ?

marcet in reply to KERRINGTON

Hello no nothing at all. I bought the mini magic but it didn’t work at all for me. And of course tremors are now worse and also now both sides. Anything working for you ?

Not yet. I 've been doing Thiamine hcl for about 31/2 weeks almost 4 grams a day, taking super strong cur cumin, Curamed, vacillating between l-dopa extract, and mucuna puriens, resevtrol, magnesium with minerals,flax seed oil, coq 10, D2 with k, B complex,exercise, and just started eating fava beans :) I could swear though that the Curcumin though is helping with something as it seems whenever I realize I'm relaxed I remember I had previously taken a cur cumin a hour or 2 prior. I've started taking 2. Oh, and I never drink water which isn't good cause I feel more energy when I do. I've only been doing all of this for a good month since tremors and fatigue got worse after 10 yrs of no meds, just supplements. I'll let you know if something makes a difference.

marcet in reply to KERRINGTON

Yes please let me know thanks

Hi Marcet. If I’m watching TV and my tremor is driving me crazy, I color in one of those adult coloring books. It stops the tremor and has improved my writing. My right hand/arm has the tremor.

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