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Parkinson's symptoms and left handedness

Hi all, newbie here, when can we have this drug in Adelaide, Australia, Does anyone know?

I initially came on line to ask the following but saw the new about the new drug.

But I had a thought, might I suggest, that in Parkinson's, left handed people may not have the same writing problems as right handed, Being left myself, I've noticed that my hand moves forward when writing, but right hands move backward, which would be more prone too cramping, perhaps???

Also I've wanted to ask, in a humours way, what's the weirdest symptom you've had, and trying to describe it to your doctor?

BTW, I'm Marg, I'm 62, Diagnosed in 2012, not doing to badly now, have had problems with a lot of non motor stuff, found a few things that have helped, keeping busy, trying to keep fit. Not sleeping well lately, which is why I'm writing this at 2:30 am. Good Night all :)

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There is to many things to list, one thing that I thought was strange was looking at a picture and not understanding what it was a picture of.


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