Nicotine : we will soon know

So a very long, thorough, Americano-german study is about to be published.

Frankly ? Can't wait. Even though the method, the protocol, is somewhat different from that of Dr Gabriel Villafane

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Economically let's hope it does not work : transdermal patches are for nothing when "big pharma" makes billions with today's complex medications - Just kidding.

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  • Thanks did you conclude "...Americano-german study is about to be published." ... please and thanks

  • Hi Parkigirl,

    completion date, as written in the paper is august 2016. And I remember reading somewhere that it would be published "beginning of 2017".

    I have friends that are eager to begin the protocol.

  • Perhaps, however there is a potential downside, atherosclerosis and/or spurring of cancer cell growth via nicotine's capability for spurring cancer stem cell activity. :(

  • Hi Buzz,

    Thank you for the link.

    I guess there is no free lunch... Let us hope that the nicotine doses involved are very different.

  • No free lunch. That is the nature of all life, how the world keeps balancing. One thing grows as another thing withers to feed its growth. :(

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