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Nicotine : we will soon know


So a very long, thorough, Americano-german study is about to be published.

Frankly ? Can't wait. Even though the method, the protocol, is somewhat different from that of Dr Gabriel Villafane

( healthunlocked.com/parkinso... )

Economically let's hope it does not work : transdermal patches are for nothing when "big pharma" makes billions with today's complex medications - Just kidding.

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Thanks Xenos...how did you conclude "...Americano-german study is about to be published." ... please and thanks

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Hi Parkigirl,

completion date, as written in the paper is august 2016. And I remember reading somewhere that it would be published "beginning of 2017".

I have friends that are eager to begin the protocol.


Perhaps, however there is a potential downside, atherosclerosis and/or spurring of cancer cell growth via nicotine's capability for spurring cancer stem cell activity. :( sciencedaily.com/releases/2...

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Hi Buzz,

Thank you for the link.

I guess there is no free lunch... Let us hope that the nicotine doses involved are very different.


No free lunch. That is the nature of all life, how the world keeps balancing. One thing grows as another thing withers to feed its growth. :(


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