Too much TUNA, how to undo-na?

Wracked my brain, or what's left of it, for years to try to figure out how I got to this point. First diagnosed with "Parkinson-ISM" in 2013, confirmed in 2016 that it is indeed "Dopaminergic in nature". Finally retraced my steps to the conclusion that eating tuna from a can almost every day for about 20 years led to this situation. Never mind what I was thinking - low carb, plenty of Omega 3 fish oils - looking back, that was so dumb! How should I proceed with clearing the deep-rooted CNS Mercury out? And, do I have a chance of restoring normalcy or do you think the damage is done forever?

My background - Im 48 yrs old, male, tremors only when moving my rt hand, not at rest, slight tremor in rt leg in certain positions, micrographia, heaviness of rt arm, chronic brain fog, chronic fatigue, muscle aches chronically in whole back and hips. Frequent "guy problems", had unfounded anxiety for a number of years as well. I take a truckload of supplements and vitamins that relieve the fog, fatigue and aches somewhat.

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  • This is the second thing i have read recently about metals causing movement symptoms. The other was on a blog, I believe, and the gentleman talked about Dental fillings causing his motor symptoms. I'm going to try to read up on this this is the first I've heard of a possible cause from this source.

    You say that there are some supplements you take that relieve the brain fog. Can you explain how you feel in the fog and then what you take and how long it takes to relieve it?


  • Hi. Your symptoms sound like mine and I also used to eat tinned tuna daily! I was only diagnosed 5 weeks ago and still getting brain fog. What do you take to alleviate it?

  • For brain fog, i drink whey protein isolate to raise glutathione daily, b vitamins, fish oil (Mercury free!) And coffee helps alot.

  • Thank! Will give it a try.

  • I use to use Tuna as a protein source in my Protein shakes, I have found salmon works much better.

  • Hello bassofspades: I, too, was poisoned with heavy metals. Not only mercury but aluminum, lead, arsenic, cadmium, gadolinium, nickel, thallium, thorium, tin, tungsten, and uranium! My doctor was aghast! So was I! But I had them all removed by chelation. I live in the USA, so that is not too hard to find here. I don't know where you live. If chelation (which requires a doctor to administer it to you), I also found a website that a friend of mine used to removed her heavy metals. The product is called Metals Magic, and the website is: Just to let you know (and others who want to cut me down), I have no financial interests in this company, nor do I know the people who run the company. I have just done a lot of searching when I found my toxic situation with heavy metals. Read the website and the informational video that talks about this product and how it works. It is very interesting.

    God bless you. I hope you can find a way close to you to get rid of those metals.

  • Dr appt today. Wish me luck. Thank you so much. How are your symptoms now? All gone?

  • Bass is a great brain food and an excellent protein source.

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