foot stimulation is an effective (temporary) high

I get foot care every 4-5 weeks since I can't help myself safely now. The best thing is the "high" feeling while the therapist is working to massage on my feet after trimming the nails. I notice today my right hand tremor stopped completely while she was rubbing the instep of my right foot. Which leads me to why I wanted to post this mundane event news. Maybe the post about the electric foot stimulation device that Royprop and I made fun of a couple of weeks ago isn't reeally such a bad idea?

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  • Can I get your foot guy's number?

  • I try to have reflexology once a week for the same reason! You might think about trying that?

  • Thanks for the idea

  • Hello Helen. What a NICE HOME you have.

  • Glad you like it!

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