Resveratrol...anyone had good results with this?

Seen this article, not sure if its legit or not, but worth a read. Makes a good case for Resveratrol. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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  • I Take it if I remember to since before PD ever since Dr.oz talked about it on his show. Its supposed to be one of the best supplements in the vitamin C area. I still acquired PD.

  • Resveratrol may be a beneficial antioxidant and neuro-protector. It is found naturally in many foods. The article makes an argument that resveratrol that is encapsulated by a sphere of lipid is most beneficial. This makes me suspicious that the researcher was funded by a China company that vends Resveratrol in that form. So, I am going to search for it :( cynical boy that I am. However that may be I truthfully ordered resveratrol yesterday on the suggestion of a PWPD that posted it is a substance she wouldn't want to live without. She was getting hers free by digging up the roots of Japanese knot root that is ubiquitous in some regions of North America. That plant is a rich source of resveratrol. Can't hurt to try it. If yoou get some before I do repost and let everyone know how it effected yoou sir. Be well,

  • After reading a lot about resveratrol and japanese knotweed I am digging out roots as well . I make tea from it. Iif you want I can keep you informed . I have PD and am off official medication since yesterday. Want to get into contact with other diggers( how do you cut the bigger roots for instance)

  • been taking it daily for a year. does it make a difference? i can't see a difference... i take it anyway due to its general health benefits.

  • More light reading on the subject


    Park2 mutations linked to early onset Parkinson disease cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

    Partial rescue of the mitochondrial defects by resveratrol treatment in Park2 mutant fibroblasts.

    The effect of resveratrol is attained throughout activation of the AMPK/SIRT1/PGC-1α axis

  • After years of hearing good things about resveratrol, recently I saw a video of Dr. Jay Davidson (naturopath) who said that the latest news rocking naturopathic world is that resveratrol actually damages mitochondria. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any articles about this discovery on the internet but it's been known for quite a while that at times antioxidants can turn into pro-oxidants :(

    So please do research to make a good decision.

  • I would like to see the science behind the assertion that resveratrol damages mitochondria:

    Mitochondrial Protection by Resveratrol

    Like any other supplement resveratrol may not be beneficial to all diseases. For example:

    Resveratrol Exacerbates Both Autoimmune and Viral Models of Multiple Sclerosis

    But it may be good for Alzheimer's;

    Resveratrol appears to restore blood-brain barrier integrity in Alzheimer's disease


    PS. If you do take resveratrol make sure your supplement also contains piperine:

  • I had a small glass of red wine last night, felt like crap all morning. Maybe its true

  • It is not the resveratrol that causes headaches from red wine.

    Here is a link to the cause of red wine induced headaches:

    Red Wine Headaches, The Cause, Solution, Prevention and Cure for RWH

    In addition, the amount of resveratrol is low in red wine, for example:

    "If translatable to humans, a 150-pound individual would need about 544mg of resveratrol for an effect to occur. To obtain this quantity of resveratrol from red wine, one would have to consume about 266 bottles."

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