I have 5 Friends with Parkinson's

I have 5 Friends with Parkinson's. They range in age from 54 to 92. They all take medication. They have good days and bad days.

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  • My brother died with Parkinson's. He got progressively worse. I see that in my friends. I wish I could help them. My brother also had Alzheimer's. I spoke to a doctor one time before my brother died and he said Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are brothers. Many people end up with both. My brother was 70 when he died and he did not even know me. It was so sad.

  • I wish I also could help them.

    6th friend; 69 years; dx 2012; progressively worse

  • Thanks.

  • I wish I could help myself

    pity time is over , it is what it is, now get up and do something constructive, take them for a walk to the coffee shop . I happen to know that Parkies like free coffee and donuts , lots of donuts. There you helped , probably more than you understand .

    Thanks love those doooonuts

  • I'm trying daily to embrace what I DO have, but I feel I am slowly losing ground with no one to understand. When they ask what they can do to help or what would make me feel better all I can do is say "I don't know" Many times just a hug helps more than anything!

  • I feel your pain. You have said exactly what I often feel. Sometimes I would like to give a true answer rather than smiling and saying I am fine. Oh well, Parkies....the show must go on. Hugs

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Folks, I hear y'all! My boyfriend is a Parkie, now dx with Lewy Body, and my heart goes out to him. He is devastated by his symptoms, I can only do so much. New doc on May 5th. Have a blessed day!

  • May I ask what part of the country your boyfriend lives in and his age?

  • Boyce3600 Ron is 67 and we live in Southern PA

  • Does your boyfriend suffer from REM Sleep Disorder prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson's and now Lewy Body. What signs did he start displaying that led you to check out Lewy Body? Thanks

  • closer43 Hard to tell about the REM sleep disorder because, sadly, he still has a disabled adult son at home. We are working to get him in a group home, he's become almost too much for Ron to handle. He was dx a year ago with Parkinson's due to a slight tremor, but his memory problems had preceded that. It just wasn't a concern to the Neurologist he was assigned to. Finally, a year later, when his memory loss and cognitive function were so frightening, I insisted on a new doc. And this one is a specialist in Parkinson's motor and non-motor disorders. He diagnosed him with LBD. No kidding, huh? I truly feel that Ron has too much stress on him, and he will do better when he is able to take advantage of more resources for Parkinson's. He is so tied down by his son.

  • Thanks for getting back with me so soon. My husband has not been diagnosed with Parkinson's. He has had REM Sleep Disorder for over 10 years he is 63. I noticed when he is stressed, sick, or doesn't keep a normal exercise routine, the nights with the REM and acting out his dreams are worse. He does seem to have a slight tremor, but everything else seems to be ok. I always worry because everything I've read talks about REM Sleep Disorder as a pre-curser to Parkinson's and/or Lewy Body disease. He tells me to stop reading so much and just live life. Thanks, again.

  • Thanks for sharing. I hope things go well for him.

  • Has anyone seen the videos of people with Parkinsons walking with music with a ateady gait? Apparently a repetitive beat in a song helps! It was so cool to see the difference with and withiut the music.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. Hugs to all.

  • Well hugs are good I guess, if you like that sort of thing

    but seriously take them out for coffee and DONUTS

    I'm not getting through am I

    People it is not that complicated

    Go to their home, listen to them explain why they cant go, take them anyway , talk, eat, drink , laugh, take them home.


    If you want to get into higher levels of health care

    instead of just coffee, go fishing, take them to a hardware store, Pool Hall ( do they still exist) look at new cars, go to the Legion and have a beer.

  • So agree! my hubby has Parkinson's and loves to be taken to D.I.Y shops or really wants to go ten pin bowling - you know normal stuff. He can't walk very far and struggles with swallowing so meals out are difficult, but on good days he has a go!!

  • You are one smart man. Practical too. Make a date with your friend for an activity. Being a friend and having a friend is the best.

  • You made me laugh Gymbag. . I recently disclosed to a friend that I had PD (I'm quite private about it) and she reacted by inviting me to dinner at a very fancy restaurant in a couple of weeks. I assured her that I was doing very well and this was not the last supper, but she utterly insisted. I am all for fringe benefits. 😎

  • That's great. Wow! Enjoy!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. All of my friends with Parkinson's still drive except the 92 year old. He has a caregiver who takes him places.

  • Bob, you have FIVE friends!? They all have Parkinson's!? I recommend you move away from there, you are living in a high incidence of PD danger zone.

  • I live in a large city.

  • Giddyup! Move to the country far away from that large city.

  • GymBag BUZZ1397 You guys crack me up! And you are so truthful about life with Parkinson's!

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