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Neuro-protective Anti-oxidants


I wish to explore which anti-oxidants the users herein have found so effective that you would not want to live without them. As many here are aware I recently withdrew from my PD Rx and am stable using natural plant extracts. I'll start by writing that I already discovered that curcumin has been for over a decade recommended by NIH for us with PD for it's neuro-protective capability. Here is a quote from an NIH publication, "Curcumin exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, crosses the blood-brain barrier and is neuroprotective in neurological disorders." Please post what you are using that has benefited you in your effort to improve your chances against PD.

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Mucuna pruriens is antioxidant and neuro protective as well as providing dopamine. What more could you want!

BUZZ1397 in reply to Dap1948

I know right? But we are in a war with PD. It does no one any good to be in the dark about any and all the weapons at our disposal. So far no one mentioned vitamin C, the most common used by 21st century people with any illness. :) So, I just did. Is black pepper a neuro-protective spice? BTW I just placed my mucuna pruriens order for this month and my choice for MP is back ordered. That's the last time I reply to questions about which brand I favor. :) Just messing with you guys and ladies. Hopefully I do not have to resort to using the remains of my last bottle of Sinemet while awaiting a box in the mail.

The ones I would take to a desert island with me are N-Acetyl cysteine and Inosine. Alpha lipoic acid, Acetyl- l- carnitine and l-tyrosine follow, in that order.

BUZZ1397 in reply to stevie3

Hi! Thanks for the list. I looked at the ingredients of supps I use and I'm getting every one of those that you like. :)

N-A-C , curcumin, Bacopa

BUZZ1397 in reply to bone60

Bacopa! I've got to sample that at my next order. Thanks.

I donot know if this is the reason I feel more energetic. It is always difficult to tell. But I dig out the roots of japanese knotweed. They are full of resveratrol and other healing things. And it is free. I also follow Terry Wahls diet so it could be the combination.. mister Parkinson is still there but I feel better than I used to. I am on 4 times 50/12,5 sinemet every day

I looked up the dreadful edible knotweed and I am impressed by its usefulness. I will keep an eye out for a patch of it anywhere in my neighborhood. In the meantime I may pick up a botle of resverotrol. Thanks.

What do u generally put curcumin in or do u take it as a supplement?

BUZZ1397 in reply to Boyce3600

Supplement form I buy at SAMs, and I only recently started taking it and found out it was of help with the bradykinesia I think because it seemed to decrease the inflammation in my muscles. I got a lot more of my household chores done the first time I took curcumin.. Then I found out not to over do it with the exercising because I experienced a "let down" in the late afternoon after taking it with my lunch. LOL I mean its nice to feel better for a change but that doesn't mean one should charge ahead doing a level of activity one is not used to doing. :)

I would not like to live without these anti-oxidants: blueberries, dark chocolate or pepper.

YES!! Dark chocolate! Didn't know aboooout the blue berry but yes to pepper too. Don't you lioe to put peppers in your food? I was raised by people who eat spicy cajun food. We keep a big bowl of snacks on the table and in there is chocolate...along with fig bars and granola bars.

Buzz i took curcumin capsules but i had to believe they helped as there was no way of knowing. I stopped because i ran out and didnt get around to ordering more.

How is the drug free life going? Do keep us posted, i think it could take about 6 weeks to be totally drug free when all the bits stored in your body are gone. Good luck

BUZZ1397 in reply to Hikoi

Hikoi the 6 week point is behind me just now. I continue on because have no dizziness and I sleep all night but honestly it has not improved my PD symptoms very much. Only in so far as I don't have to worry about being dizzy and tripping but that is an important improvement. I'm still slow and I still have my resting tremor and my lip quivers, and a tendency to get cramps in my legs when I bend them. Meh...and I'm spending more money cause the insurance I have won't help buy otc products. Actually there is another benefit, I am taking less and less as time goes on it seems. Just yesterday I went to bed realizing I had only dosed 3 times. This morning I felt pretty good and did not dose the first time today for about an hour after I arose and then only out of routine, no sense of wearing off. So on I will go to see how long this helps me. Thanks for asking. How are you doing?



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