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Rasagiline plus pramipexole plus macuna??

Just starting off on an agoniste after being on rasagiline for 6 months. Realise it's going to be a slow journey to improvement... trying to think how to speed that up??

I know rasagiline plus macuna isn't advised because it can raise your blood pressure, but now I've read that pramipexol lowers your blood pressure, MAYBE we can add some macuna?? Anyone??

We are hoping eventually to just do macuna, but we are giving the agonist a try, despite it's bad press, as can't risk going straight to macuna because my husband would have probably crashed (has done before).

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Rasagaline supported by Requip seems to work well for me, but give it time to take full effect.


how long?? about?? before you get some benefit?


I'd say a couple of weeks for each drug. By then I was noticing a definite improvement . But I had to work on the timing of the Requip. Realised that morning taking worked better than before bed which gave me headaches

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Israpidine? I take as needed but on Rytary


Just changed Nupro to pramipexoi(also on sinemet & rasagline,) very good so far,also use Mucana Dopa when it's a long day.


Thanks for all your responses, hoping that pramipexole will be good to us. Thank you Palace69 for the Mucana Dopa info.


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