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Thank you, John Pepper

So, I went to my neurologist - after an 11 month wait for the appointment....I have been a "Patient" for a couple of years, but could not get an appointment without that long of a wait....

My husband diagnosed my PD in March 2013, went to my primary in April 2013 , my first neuro appointment in May. I was looking for answers and hope! And maybe medicine!

Well, that neuro - made me an appointment with a "movement specialist" for 5 MONTHS in the future.

That's when I started researching and reading. And found that the only real help was exercise, which I had been doing (swimming is my thing) anyway, but made it a priority. I did also start Mucuna at that time (which also helps me tremendously - along with marijuana.)

Long story short - THIS TIME my neuro IMPLORED me to begin EXERCISING! LOLOLOL

Thank you. John Pepper

I also began singing - still playing fiddle and cello - shooting archery, walking, gardening, and I guess I should mention quiting my job was a great help also. I am blessed to be able to do that, i know. I am also VErY frugal.

Thanks for letting me vent

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Wow, what a Neuro you've found! My husband has had PD for 12 years. During that time has seen 3 Neuros and several GPs and not one of them has ever recommended exercise!


I am shocked, I guess you'd say, at how long it has taken you to get appointments... a lot can happen/change over those months you are having to wait, especially as an established patient. Anyway, I'm thrilled that you found a neurologist with at least some familiarity with the impact of exercise on PD. Most only know to give meds, more meds, and, in some cases, surgery (DBS.) So THAT'S the good news out of all that waiting!!! (Is this "long wait experience) in the US or another country? Just curious...)


This long wait was at Emory, in Georgia. And I actually feel a little lucky, because if I had NOT waited so long - I may not have read so much and started exercise on my own! I laugh because I feel like my neuro finally caught up with ME and my way of thinking!



an insight, and an alternative exercise for those too feeble to exercise.


I would be the happiest man in the world if every Pd patient followed your example. It puts nothing into my pocket but a great deal into my heart. If only, if only!


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