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As a number of people on this forum know, I am an enthusiastic proponent of an exercise programme known as PD warrior, which works best if adopted when you are in relatively early stages. It originated in Australia and a few physios over here are licenced in the technique. I've been seeing a physio at a clinic a couple of hours away and have had three sessions focusing on this technique. There's been a marked improvement in my symptoms and I do it religiously every day. Anyway, the team in Australia who put this together have come to the UK to train more physios and were in London yesterday. Along with about eight others, I was invited to be a volunteer so that the physios had people to practice on. It went right through from a mock up first consultation between physio and patient, when they had to work out how PD affected me and the best exercises for individual cases, to working with the physios individually as they practiced teaching those exercises and a circuit at the end of the session. It was a great day, and I've come away with a personal, tailored programme. Am exhausted this morning though!

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  • Thanks for the info. I watched a few of the videos on youtube. Looks varied and fun.

  • Stevie, I'm so glad PD Warrior is working out so well for you and you are encouraging others to try it for themselves. It feels good to find a program that really works. Hopefully others will check it out!

    Keep fighting!

  • Glad to hear you are finding PDWarrior helpful Stevie.

    I did the programme end of last year in Australia. It was very helpful and i improve my balance and co ordination.

    I dont do PDW every day but still include the movements as part of my exercise routine.

    My routine is approx 60-80 mins 5 to 6 times a week, a mixture of strength cardio balance flexibility and stretching.

  • That's an impressive programme, Deat. I've not quite got the stamina for that!

  • So pleased to hear PD Warrior is working for you. Unfortunately when we communicated with the contact you gave us, we were told it wasn't a suitable program for my husband, probably because he was diagnosed 12 years ago and more than likely wouldn't have the physical capability, but he wasn't ever actually assessed. It was quite a knock back to be told he wasn't eligible for the program.

    It's such a pity Rock Steady Boxing is not in the UK as I understand there are several levels of these exercises to suit all stages of PD.

  • I'm sorry your husband wasn't eligible. It is physically quite demanding - I am definitely suffering this morning! I don't know if it is worth you looking at the ten core exercises on the PD warrior website? It's like a video clip demonstrating the exercises and very useful.

  • Please stay in touch with me, as we have designed a Boxing Programme for People with Parkinson's here in Bristol. We started in November. See


    (Hope that worked!)


    OR GO TO Dawn May Books on Facebook and the "Made in Bristol" TV report is on there.

    We are looking to spread it, with the endorsement of PUK and the Cure Parkinson's Trust.

    It IS quite physical, but it is also "differentiated" so that we can cater for PwPs at all levels.

  • Hi sparkyparky thanks for your reply about the Boxing Programme for PWP in Bristol.

    Bristol is about 1 hour 50 mins away which is too far for us to travel for a regular boxing exercise class; but if you are looking to spread it, then maybe we'll get lucky in our area.

    Unfortunately the link you sent didn't work. I tried googling Boxing Programme, Parkinson's, Bristol but couldn't seem to find the right information. Would you be kind enough to send the web link again please?

    Many thanks.

  • Because it was on a commercial TV station, they aren't keen to share links.

    But if you go to Facebook and look at "dawn may books" you should find the report.

    Yes, we are going to spread it, for sure. You'll hear the inimitable "Dennis Stinchcombe MBE" say so!

  • Thanks sparkyparky ......found the TV report. Do hope we can get something like that in our area!

  • I started PD Warrrior at the beginning of January and it is already making a significant difference in my mobility, stability and co-ordination. The new Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme is meeting the quite high costs. I would encourage anyone in Australia who is under 65 to apply for NDIS support. Once accepted by the NDIS you can continue for life, but you cannot apply after 65. PD Warriors here is very individualised and can be adapted to help people with a wide variety of needs.

  • Hi Stevie3,

    Could you please tell me the address and contact? I am from Sydney dx with pd 3 years ago

  • If you go to the website, you can do a search to find the centre nearest to you: pdwarrior.com/

  • Hi Steve

    My husband is 46 and in early stages Iv been trying to contact anyone in England to help me sort out a consultation for pd warrior but cannot seem to find anywhere

    We live in chislehurst Kent

    Do you know anyone we could talk to

    Many thanks


  • I've messaged you privately to avoid cluttering up the forum - go to your messages and I've given you all the details.

  • Hi there

    I'll be making some calls for of warrior this week

    Adams not been great

    Lots of pain and stiffness in lower Back

    He's had a masssage and Iv given him a tens machine which seems to have helped 🙏

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