Parkinson's Movement
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Deep Brain Stimulation

After much testing I was not diagnosed with Parkinson, but rather Essential Tremors. Months ago, I underwent DBS surgery, Deep Brain Stimulation at Barrows Neurological Institute, Dr. Francisco Ponce. DBS delivers minute electrical stimulation to specific areas of the brain via a surgical implant similar to a heart pacemaker. This stimulation can relieve the tremors and rigidity that are hallmarks of movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia.

Surgery was successful, there are no tremors in my arm. Perhaps DBS would be beneficial for you, maybe no. Do not hesitate to ask me questions.

Included is a link about the Dr. Ponce as well as information about DBS.

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Going to be at the Baehr Challenge?


What is this challenge about...sounds interesting. Tell me more.


First, you need to be in the Phoenix area and next you need to listen to this most interesting of infomercial

don't wait to long, time is running out.

Saturday April 8 2017


Thank you for the info.


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