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Explanation for why PD progression might accelerate during bouts of fever/infection?

A research paper from June 2016 [1] describes how, during bouts of fever or infection, the mitochondria within the dopamine neurons of a PWP could (attempt to) signal the immune system to kill the neuron.

Basically, the mitochondria release a specific protein, which is transported to the wall of the cell, where it acts as an antigen, signalling T cells to attack the neuron.

This process is normally prevented from occurring by the actions of the proteins Parkin and PINK1 (except in the case of those PWPs whose Parkin and/or PINK1 genes are defective).

However, as reported in another research paper [2], in (all?) PWPs the c-Abl enzyme interferes with the normal operation of Parkin.

[1] Matheoud et al. (2016) Parkinson’s Disease-Related Proteins PINK1 and Parkin Repress Mitochondrial Antigen Presentation, Cell 166, 314–327, doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.05.039.

[2] Brahmachari et al. (2016) Activation of tyrosine kinase c-Abl contributes to α-synuclein-induced neurodegeneration. J Clin Invest. doi: 10.1172/JCI85456.

Does anyone have personal experience of sensing that their PD has advanced noticeably after having a bout of fever or infection?

Also, can anyone point to where this topic has been discussed? I have a link which indicates that this is a topic of current research interest, but few details as yet.

(I think the link came from a post/comment at HU)

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I was already dragging right leg for quite awhile when I suddenly developed gum disease???!? I was never so sick of those that haven't seen doctor for decades. suspect bottled water that was contaminated with this yellow phlem suspended in it. subsequently developed classic pd symptoms with impaired arm on same side and shrinking handwriting and and eventually balance problems.


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