FDA Approves Xadago (safinamide) as an Add-On Treatment for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

drugs.com/newdrugs/fda-appr... Finally! Now you can get it in USA


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5 Replies

  • How are you doing with the Howard's Recipe?

  • I still do some of his recipe but I found it really did not help me. I am doing a lot better doing exercise I choose. In fact I have really improved my walking and balance since doing leg extension exercises and knee bends holding a 50 pound weight.

  • You sounded hopeful with Howard's recipe 80% better. I was looking forward to your recovery to look up to. Now I'm not sure. Don't you find more improvement after the 80%?

  • I am better for sure but the main reason is that I found good exercises that increase my stamina and strengthen my legs for better walking and balance. The recipe may help some but I found that my way is much better.

  • This is very good news. Do we know yet when it will be available and if it will be affordable?

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