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Having constant fatigue

What do I do about fatigue? I exercise almost every day doing Pilates or spinning ( stationary bike) or weightlifting . Exercise Terza back pain so I sit down on the couch to alleviate pressure in the back. Of course I fall asleep . And night I was sleep early around 11:30 PM but wake up anywhere from 3 to 4 and then only sleep waking up once in our. Left my own devices I would nap two or three times a day. Feel exhausted and fatigue all the time. Not currently on any medications for Parkinson's . Dropped Azilect in agreement with the doctor . Any tricks for the fatigue?

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Chronic fatigue - my biggest problem, too. I have been taking supplements that are said to boost Glutathione, such as Turmeric, Milk Thistle, NAC, and - the best - Whey Protein Isolate with a little Creatine sprinkled in it. I've been doing this since January and have noticed a big difference. I can actually make it through a 10 hr day at work now. Not 100% better, but better. The more whey protein isolate I use, the better. (Not to mention, my muscles are getting huge!) Currently, I do 30 grams per day. A little good quality coffee here and there helps as much as anything, too! Try it. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply! Do you think a protein shake made of 100% whey protein two times a day and at 15 g each would do the trick? I already have the protein but not the other ingredients . Any advice on when during the day I drink these shakes? With food or in between meals? Thanks so much for the benefit of your experience. Cheers, Jeff


It will certainly help! Drink it on an empty stomach. Do not use a blender. Do not use hot water, coffee or tea for a while before and after. Any of that stuff will destroy the proteins, from what Im told. Immunocal Platinum is the best brand but most expensive. Right now, Im drinking Promix and Im very happy with it. Go with "undenatured, grass fed whey protein isolate". Not that muscle milk garbage!


Sleep hygiene is VERY important for everyone not just PWP.

Over the years The Sleep Council, have amassed quite a library of facts and figures about sleep and beds and an alarming four out of five people complain of disturbed or inadequate – or 'toxic' – sleep.

This is a link to the NHS Sleepio programme where you can sign up for a CB T course for free.

After you have done it you should be able to sleep better.

Also I take CBD before I go to bed which helps get a better nights rest.

I'm nearly 6 years diagnosed,68 and am better now than 4 yrs ago,the fatigue has gone ,as has the shortness of breath.depression,anxiety,my get up and go is still there .I probably get 5 hrs solid sleep then 2-3 hrs after that as broken sleep ,don't nap in the day and enjoy each day as it comes.

Sleep is a great healer.Without it everything else goes out of sync


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