Un diagnose and getting better

Hi, I am Kafayat 57, I became a therapist while searching for the missing links in my health as there was been no diagnose. I was left immobile, shaky, fatigue and speechless till I change my life around using foods and herbs. Both myself and son have been drug-free for 3 years now.

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  • can you tell us what herbs and food you are taking that help? Praise God you are doing so well.

    Thank you for your post

  • Thats good you are drug free. I was drug free until i got Parkinsons.

  • Me also. Now i Can not sleep if I forget or take late.

  • Tell us your story . I want to hear anything that anyone finds that's helps improve their pd life.

    this is of great interest to everyone suffering with pd.I feel.

  • Will you tell us your story and/or what you're doing to stay drug free? Do you think you had PD?

  • You never told us your story??

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