Delay the Disease Certified Instructor!

I am a Certified Delay the Disease instructor and personal trainer in Minneapolis. I went to Ohio to get certified by David Zid and Jackie. I am the only certified Parkinson's specialist in Minnesota. Please contact me for more information! I have trained directly with David Zid, in addition to my certification. I've observed the Delay the Disease classes in Ohio and gotten direction directly from Jackie and David. I am passionate about helping those with Parkinson's!

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  • Do you know of any specialists in ma?

  • You'd have to go to the Delay the Disease website. There is a list by state there.

  • I took a look. Closest is in Connecticut. Looks like they are moving this way.

  • We LOVE David Zid and Jackie. They have come to our Y in Marion, OH several times to do classes and we always come away feeling positive and hopeful. The program really husband has had PD for 4 years, and he won't miss his exercise because it makes such a difference in how he feels and moves. David trained several people at our Y so classes are held daily right here close to home. Bless your heart for your passion to help those with PD! We really need more Delay the Disease instructors around the country so the program is available in all areas. We are fortunate to be only an hour from David Zid in Columbus.

  • Hi Heidi, I'd be very interested in anything or any advice you can offer, thanks.

  • I'm sure you've heard it before but.... big movements practice big steps. Practice stopping wide to prevent falls. Get your heart rate up so you can only say 2-3 words without taking a breath then practice your weakness - balance, posture, rotation, handwriting

  • Oh, I just realised you are based in certain States in the USA. Are there any future plans to visit the UK? ;)

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