Study: Cancer Drug Restores Brain Dopamine, Reduces Toxic Proteins in Parkinson, Dementia

An associate in the Pharmaceutical research sector noted this study is continuing to be promising and moving quickly since it is already an approved drug.

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Keep the faith!

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  • "According to Novartis, the cost (as of Oct. 2015) of nilotinib for the treatment of CML was about $10,360 a month for 800 mg daily. The dose used in this study was lower — 150 and 300 mg daily." Worthless if it is going to cost circa $3,000 dollars per month for the rest of your life. I guess keeping the faith that Pres.Trump can turn around drug prices is what is left. I have read were member of this group purchase nilotinib in Mexico. Trump has said drugs are way cheaper over in Europe compared to USA.

  • Costs come down with time and with a larger denominator (i.e., base of users). PD doesn't add perhaps that many but Dementia does.... big time!!!

    And how long before it goes generic. Azilect went from $10 a pill to $1 generic.

    Again... Keep the faith!

  • I hear that Novartis' patent on Tasigna runs out in 9 years. My guess is that They have little interest in the general PD community learning about this drug as a PD treatment-- they'd dearly miss the revenues. Am I too cynical??

  • Oh ye of little faith...

    If the price goes down because there is a bigger denominator (not just adding PD but Dementia patients) to recapture R&D costs, the usage by cancer patients also goes up. And I am sure with the profit margin over and above R&D costs they will make more money.

    There are ~ 60,000 people with leukemia.

    There are ~ 1,000,000 with PD

    There are ~ 5,300,000 people with Alzheimer's

    At 10% which makes more revenue?

    a) 6,000 users at $3000 per month or

    b) 636,000 users at $100 per month.

  • rrunk is right. This really is about profits first. The MJFF was going to fund the study that GU has underway. MJFF wanted complete control, or more study control than GU was willing to allow. Unfortunately the people with Parkinson's (pwp) community had to wait several months for the combatants to fight it out in the court of public opinion. I volunteered for the GU study but they preferred people living in the immediate area. My impression is there will be more trial locations coming up.

    Keep moving and keep the faith​.

  • Well then instead of $10,000 a month for Nilotinib, we'll only be skinned partially alive if the drug drops to a paultry $1,000 a month? Oh but Big Pharma lobby money is effective in keeping drug prices in the stratosphere!

  • My math above resulted in $100 per month (not a $1000). ~$3 per day before it goes generic in 3 years (not 9).


    I found this interesting.

  • I don't know of course, but I think (at this point) that dopamine deficiency is final or secondary to the failure of it's production mechanism ....... can one override the absence of something like gluthione or damaged mitochondria?

  • Huh?

  • human body is not a simple thing, I believe there is a cascade of actions and the break can exist anywhere along the way.

  • wrong post, was referring to post with claim tat elderly man's pd reversed spontaniosly.

  • Oh! I am glad to hear that. Thought I was having a senior PD moment.

  • Hi all, newbie here, when can we have this drug in Adelaide, Australia, Does anyone know?

    I initially came on line to ask the following but saw the new about the new drug.

    But I had a thought, might I suggest, that in Parkinson's, left handed people may not have the same writing problems as right handed, Being left myself, I've noticed that my hand moves forward when writing, but right hands move backward, which would be more prone too cramping, perhaps???

    Also I've wanted to ask, in a humours way, what's the weirdest symptom you've had, and trying to describe it to your doctor?

  • Round 3 testing is supposedly starting soon at Georgetown Univ. supported by Michael J. Fox and Novartis Since it is an approved drug albeit for another purpose, it shouldn't take real long if tests are positive. My guess.... 2020.

    On your humorous question... I had a very very vivid dream that I wasn't in. It was like watching a ridiculous movie.

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