Losing the ability to speak.

I have lost the ability to speak. I can say anything i see. Like what i am typing but if i try say something i want to i can not form the words. Meds or Parkinson's or seizures. Third time this has happened. First time went to er doctors had no answer after 8 hours so just went home. Lasted about 12 hours. Waiting to see how long this time. Just came back only lasted an hour.

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  • Hi Bailey Martin or MH-1 from little ol' England. I sometimes can't think of or form them when I'm speaking. Names , places etc.

    So even with PD I chair our local Church council .

    Nothing but great fun .

    Like this...

    I would like to propose installing a new er.....

    So the rest of the council start guessing.

    Heating system? Sound system? Organ? New pews?

    After a about twenty guesses they sometimes get it or if not I propose we discuss at next meeting. The whole room falls into hysterics. Who says you can't have fun with dreary Church matters and P D

    On yer bike mr Parkinson!!!


  • Same with me . . . diagnosed June 2014. During a conversation, I cannot seem to be able to think or form the words that are my head . . . they just don't sound right. I also noticed I cannot whistle anymore.

  • Vincea,

    That is interesting about whistling. An ST might be able to help with that

    Although I used to have a "Teacher Voice" - I could make a misbehaving high school student in the back of my class hear me when I wanted to get their attention or correct their behavior. Now it's difficult to even make family or friends in a conversation hear what I'm saying to them I speak so softly.

    But, my Speech Therapist has been working on Voicing Exercises with me which have helped. Ahhhhhhhh!

  • A Speach Therapist might be able to help you. Your Neuro should be able to recommend one.

  • Hi Bailey, my Wife Vicky was diagnosed with pd Sept last, these last few weeks her speech has deteriated greatly, it is very slurred, also her writing had gone completely, cant even write her signature, we asked her neuro about this and just said hopefully it will come back, but no sign of it yet, we have been invited to our neighbours on Saturday for dinner but she is worried about not being able to make conversation.

  • For someone just diagnosed 6 months ago that level of decline seems extremely unusual to me. What meds is she on?

    Quite frankly... if it were me I'd get a 2nd opinion.

  • Conversation is tough. I was told to "think louder" when I try to say something. That's helped a little bit. Also, try to catch a lull in the conversation and maybe arrange some kind of signal between you and your husband (use your imagination for this) so that you can pinch his leg, etc when you have something to add.

    Then, he might say something to allow you to talk. Perhaps, "I think Vicky has something to say about that" or "Darling, what were you saying the other day on that subject?" LOL

    That way people might stop talking enough that she can get a few words in.

    Who knows? My wife and I do that and it works "most" of the time. Other times people are just so selfish with getting their own thoughts expressed, that it doesn't matter.

    Teamwork does help us, but other times we're with people who care only about themselves and talk so loudly that they can hear themselves.


  • Bailey,

    I'm not a doctor, so make of this what you will. It could be something as simple as dehydration or it could be more serious like a TIA. Unless this has been eliminated by your doctors, I'd immediately take an aspirin and drink some water. Go and see a doctor.


  • Yes, that sounds like some kind of brain damage from a head trauma or a little stroke causing damage to a speech center of Bailey's brain. hope just a tia

  • I have given up on Hospitals E R's. Unless you had an accident or shot in the chest, I use the Urgent Cares. What could an Urgent Care do about loosing your voice, nothing, but It costs a whole lot less and takes a lot less time to get the same results.

    It happens every once in a great while my voice will get deep and gravelly and quiet but it last a day max.

  • Bailey, I would be worried about a mini stroke.

  • Hi Bailey, could it be a PD symptom? we were told it is the muscle control or lack of it, plus the dementia, this sort of happens to my husband, and sometimes he finds himself talking rubbish, its very frustrating for both of us as his voice is so indistinct and I am hard of hearing.

  • It's been almost six years since I was diagnosed. My voice was getting very quiet and a lot of the time it felt like a frog was in my throat and I would stammer and have trouble coming up with words and keeping my place in the conversation. I was particularly worried on Tuedays when I volunteer at our local community radio station as an on-air DJ. I did the L SV T Parkinson's program last Fall and it has made a huge difference. It also improved when I went on Mirapax.

  • Thanks for the responses. It is not a physical thing. I can read out loud perfectly without missing a beat. If i look a the keyboard and spell the words i can say them. Like i said in my post the hospital (which was the leading research hospital in Dallas) had no answer. No stroke physical problem at all. had 5 different doctors see me all had never seen anything like it.

  • When I'm out of NAC I notice that what comes out I'm my mouth is not what my brain was trying to say.

  • I had this problem before and I could overcome by using an Ayurvedic preparation called Mulethi Kwatha from Divya Pharmacy Haridwar India. You can Google search for details, this product is available online .

  • Maybe it is due to the fact you are taking extreme amounts of sinemet. I said in a previous post that taking that much can't be good for you.

  • Have you taken a fall, bumped your head or been hit hard in a boxing class in the past 2 months? Guess your doctors all asked you the same questions. But we would still like to know, if you want to share.

  • No i have not had any thing happen.

    It only lasted a hour.

  • An episode of transient aphasia, cause unknown. You're a man of mysterious goings on. :)

  • Hi Bailey

    Sorry to hear that I have a similar but different problem!

    Suggest that you try downloading a free app. DAF assistant. (DAF=delayed audio frequency)

    It works instantly if it's going to work for you. All you need is a smphone or iPad and headphones with microphone .

    Good luck

  • I get that , I can speak but lower jaw muscles are stiff, difficult to move I guess, then, when i'm rested i'm ok,, so the fatigue factor is evident.

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