CBD oil

CBD oil

Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone who is or has taken CBD oil has had any negative reactions?? Thanks!

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  • I am just about to follow the same path Hoffman. Royprop has just start Charlottes Web CBD/Hemp oil. I value his opinion and am waiting to see how and if it answers is concerns.

    Of course we are all as different as snowflakes with our symptoms and PD affecting our lives.... Keep in touch and let me know how you're proceeding.

  • Hi,

    I have been taking it for almost a year with no negative effects. I take it at night and I seem to sleep much better. I take 1 pump under the tongue of hemp CBD oil by Sunshine Global and get it from my local health food shop. It seems expensive but the bottle lasts for months. That and Macuna have stopped any increase of siminet. Hope this helps.

  • My negative reaction is not to recommend the oil as a result of my experience.

  • Can I ask you what that negative experience was?

  • No good experience/effect and no bad effect for the money. Not what the promotions and reviews suggested.

  • Ditto here. Nothing.

  • OK here it goes. I have been experimenting for the past year. I have found a 1 to 1 thc-cbd ratio is the best. It would appear to me that without the thc you require higher and higher doses of cbd to get the same effect until it becomes cost prohibitive. Higher than 1 to 1 in THC causes me dyskanetia.

    I have found a product that seems to be a perfect fit for me who already has a full regimen of meds. I am dosed for my daily life but when I take on a little bit more and my body starts to retaliate I use it like aspirin.


    let the questions fly

  • I have also been taking 1:1 cbd:thc oil for a couple of months now. I do not notice a dramatic drop in resting tremor but my kids do and they say I'm in a better frame of mind. I do appreciate and enjoy the mild thc euphoria.

  • I am now trying out strains of the oil. Guess what ,? the Deep Sleep strain is really good for sleep. Out of the strains Northern Lights is one of the most relaxing.

  • I vape a 1:1 cbd:thc medical marijuana strain called Midnight most evenings. It provides a great sleep.

  • I will have to take a look at that one if I see it. I am also starting to look at edibles. It is my understanding that strains don't make a difference with edibles.

  • So do you vape or tincture or both?

  • tincture in the daytime, vape in the evening

  • How long to kick in with the under the tongue method?

  • Maybe an hour or a little more.

  • Same as edibles. 1 hour

  • I use CBD oil every day before dinner to have a better sleeping and to manage RLS and legs pain. I tried with 5% and didn't work. Know if found a 13/15% and it works fine for me. No negative reactions at today. The used oil is totally THC free coming from local bio farm certified.

  • I also tried the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio oil and had negative results. Whereas I was hoping for a calming/relaxing effect I experienced increased levels of anxiety and more aggressive tremor. I was, however, told by a specialist psychologist that my experience was not common but represent a small % of cases.

  • The Dream Steam products also carry up to 4 CBD to 1 THC. For me it just means it takes more to get the same results.

  • I was also informed that it's better to load up on saturated fats before consuming but avoid drinking a lot of water before and right after consuming.

  • i use charlottes web advanced, am and pm. Have used it for 6 months. I find it to equate to taking a daily ibuprophen= I ache less...

  • Also I am interested in any one who makes their own CBD oil or butter. Edibles are to expensive, I am pretty sure that you can get the same results​ with hopefully a lot less money.

  • I lost my war with the insurance co., so back to sinemet , this time control release. CBD oil has let me transition from Rytary back to sinemet and to transition me off nightly Zolpidem ( Ambien) . My sleep is much more restful these days.

    P.S. If anybody has a tried and tested recipe on that oil, message me and I can give you my email address.

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