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Hi all. Diagnosed a few months ago after tremor started 18months ago left arm/hand. Now have muscle rigidity at times on left side with left leg starting to have issues. Lots of muscle twitching all over. No meds yet but feeling like might need to start soon to alleviate these awful symptoms so I can continue working. Terrified of senimet. Father and grandmother had parkinsons. Feeling lost and completely overwhelmed. Age 50 and feel so much loss. Have started mucuna and vitamins amino acids, antioxidants, cq10,fish oil, green tea etc etc. not really finding consistent relief. Mucuna only 5% so may need to buy stronger. No gait issues, but feel thighs are jelly/weak and coordination feels weird sometimes. Try to excercise as much as possible. Have occasional days where I feel completely normal with tremor much reduced....then back to continual shaking next day-can't figure it out. Have been reading heaps of posts on this site which have been great support. Thanks to all.

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A month ago a link was posted on this forum by fwes to a very informative lecture by Dr. Stanley Fahn titled Myths and Mistakes in PD Treatment. I suggest you watch it and perhaps you will find that your dread of sinemet is misplaced.

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Great advice. I tracked it down and it was very informative. Tnx


We have similar circumstances. I have been taking azilect for the last year, as well as NAC and various supplements.

I'm ok most of the time, but I have started sinamet today at the advice of my neuro who tells me that there is evidence that synapses die when there is inadequate dopamine, and he wants me to flood my body with dopamine!

No effect as yet but would love to feel just totally normal for a while.


Yeah, I spent hours on the net thinking it was just benign fasiculation such luck! Especially bad at night when resting. I find a stiff drink helps!


YES to the twitching all over! Thats how my pd started, just before the tremor set in....I had twitching in places I didn't even know I had muscles! I think its like your body telling you there's a problem here...


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