Help. tend to make bad decisions when I'm stressed

New to Facebook posts. Have a question. Live alone, 63 yo male. No family in town or within 500 miles. Family and I are very different. I am not religious. They all are.Diagnosed June 2016. . Family does not know. On Azilect. Have to move b/c landlord kicking me out so her daughter can move in. Where should I move? Symptoms are fatigue, anxiety,slowness. Manageable for now.they are in Indiana. I am in Florida. What few friends I have are in Florida. Couple more friends who live out of state. Retired and barely making it on social security,small pension and savings. I need someone to talk to fast. Have to be out of apartment June 1. Help. I am scared and tend to make bad decisions when I'm stressed and


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  • Sorry the move is being forced on you by a landlord. But I think a PD diagnosis is a wake-up call to consider if your accommodation will suitable in future. If it is not, it seems sensible to make a move while you can control it yourself.

    As a deadline has been set for you, it may be best to find new accommodation locally to start with. Then talk to your family and friends before making any decision about the long-term.

  • Thank you for your reply. This is great to have a well considered approach and someone to talk to about it. That was my plan to rent another year locally. I should stick with it

  • bummer, but think creatively, there could be options. I recently heard of an org. called baba yaga, (not the Russian fable) maybe there is a male version? google it.

  • I don't know anything regarding social support in the USA. When my money ran out I moved into sheltered accomodation in the UK, aged 53yrs, I am now 60yrs old. Been diagnosed 11yrs, and live alone. This is managed by 9-5 Mon- Fri, and a worse than useless team, outside these hours. People that live here, for many different health reasons, either have to go into care, or die on a regular basis. Therefore, I get out of this environment every day. I reain positive whatever is happening around me.

  • how affected are you? there are communes, a much more healthy solution, but you have to be able to participate, I imagine. do you have skills like cooking, carpentry, to exchange for lodging?

  • I think I ran out of time, but I always wanted to build my own home on wheels, still tempted but I am now thinking a refurbished delivery van could be a good alternative. with tornados, flooding, etc it's good not to dependant on uncle sam, even uncle canuck......

  • Are there any social service agencies in your area? You may wish to contact the local Area Agency on Aging to obtain information about subsidized senior housing. There are usually waiting lists but the sooner you apply, the better. In the meantime, I would seek out a local support group, and the AAA may have volunteers to help you with packing to move to a reasonably priced apartment.

  • A couple of thoughts: Shouldn't you tell your family what is happening with your PD, and with your living accommodations? At least let them react to what is happening in your life --give them that opportunity. There may be no desire on their parts to commit to helping you in any way, but then again, they may offer a ray of hope by asking you to find lodging near them. If so, give them a chance to be involved in your life. And check with your local Council on Aging, or whatever your county's name for Senior Wellbeing is called. Here in North Carolina there are apartments for Seniors where the rent is based on income. My Mother-in-law is in one of these, and her rent is very reasonable. The apartments are maintained very well, with all outside maintenance done through the agency. It is clean, there are many people there for her to socialize with - and in her age range. She has a one bedroom, 1 bath apartment, with a small kitchen and an average sized living area. It is perfect for a single person. The rent is subsidized by the feds, with some grant monies through the state, I think. Anyway, it is a very nice set up for someone with your set of circumstances. Check around! Good luck!

  • Sounds really great. If I post this reply well others see it? Anybody know about the existence of such an aid in Florida? Particularly any Palm Beach County program for senior well-being or Council on aging ? Where I could get apartment rent and moving help?

    To my knowledge Florida is not well known for its social programs

  • Dear Sir I wanted you to be aware of the APDA seminar in Delray Beach on Tuesday 8/22/17. Assuming you are still in the area, it may offer some useful information.

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