BEMER therapy - any thoughts?

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Question: We have a friend who sells this service, I guess. She has suggested it for Ron, and, since his symptoms are mostly cognitive, it might be something to try. She said that it provides great results for PWP, increasing blood flow to the brain by 30%. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!!

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  • Can you explain what BEMER therapy is?


    I don't know a lot about it....yet Boyce3600

  • Thanks for the link

  • Surely you jest? Bemer therapy...buying a new BMW is not a therapy for PD. However, I admit that would make one feel good and I think it would look good on me. i jest, of course. Good humor is the best of healers. :)

  • been using it daily for over a year- its based on PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field waves). It was a very expensive device, over 2k. Helps me to fall asleep. Supports microcirculation. PEMF was invented by NASA (so Ive been told) for astronauts daily use in space to support healthy circulation while they were w/o gravity. Google PEMF. Bemer is a (reputable) company name.

    No effect on tremor, but again, I am not using it to it's full potential - I need product support...

  • healthabc Thanks! Does it help with cognitive function? That's a big problem for Ron

  • I am not sure I can answer that objectively; I take a skew of supplements and exercise.... can't really isolate effects of the BEMER.

  • Can you tell me which supplements you're taking? I'm slipping some in with Rons meds, and he does the Rock Steady Boxing and Parkinson's classes. But he has a whopping amount of stress, caring for an adult special needs son. We're praying to get him in a group home soon

  • I take- CBD oil,, NAC, ALC, ALA, vit.c, b complex, D, E, zinc, resveratrol, phosphtydalcholine, magnesium, probiotic, CoQ10, coconut oil, fish oil. The med I take is artane.

  • my chiropractor swears by it. I tried it and felt absolutely no benefit, although I only did it once. They told me you have to do it several times per week or even better, several times per day. It is very expensive. Personally, I think its quackery but if you have the money, try it for a while and check it out.

  • bassofspades thanks! Wish we could rent it to try it out.

  • theres a health and fitness center near me that has one. they let me try t out one time for free, but they told me its over $200 a month if I wanted to sign up for therapeutic sessions. Pass!

  • bassofspades Thanks! Did you notice any benefits that one time?

  • None whatsoever

  • My granddaughter works with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and said she would definitely NOT recommend it. Some of them have Parkinson's.....that sold Ron and me. No thanks!

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