Study finds link between extended use MAO-B inhibitors and slow clinical decline in PD patients

This is why I have been telling everyone to take Xadago. It is the most high tech MAO inhibitor out there.

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  • Did you try Xadago rhenry45 ?

  • Yes. Do a search of this site for xadago and you will see a lot of information about it I have posted.

  • I have tried , but been unable to find the ''''''''''''''''''''''''''xadago at any local pharmacy here in south west Florida. Can you recommend somewhere/ thanks

  • is where I buy it

  • Thanks for the reference to this article. Many such as myself were put on an MAIO B, as an initial prescription. It was Selegiline in my case. Those on MAIO Bs, should be aware hat they have a major drug reaction with Albuterol (the inhalant drug. t In addition, if you are subject to surgery involving anathema, you may have to be take off them, prior to the procedure. The protocol is usually two weeks.


  • Bill, did you mean anesthesia?

  • Yes, to avoid interaction, have you Suspend taking the inhibitor for two weeks prior to surgery.


  • So, it's a good idea to change Azilect with Xadago ? In Italy the most of neurologists suggested Xadago instead of Azilect way ... it's correct ?

  • Yes you can do it. Xadago is much more than just an MAO inhibitor. Watch this video to see all of the mechanisms of action

  • I saw, perfect. thank you

  • From Jan 2016 to Sep 2016 I tried Xadago, the first 3/4 month I felt a good action with the trend of the Off phases less acute, nothing else.

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