Coconut oil

My husband has Parkinson's

He was diagnosed in November

And is 46 years old

Medication has made no difference

But one table spoon of coconut oil every day

Has really helped him

No more headaches no mood swings

He is more supple

We decided to do this rather than up medication and so glad we did

He's been taking it for 3 weeks now

He also excesises 4 times a week

We are now very optimistic for the future

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  • I was diagnosed at 13 yrs ago at the age of 46. I have been taking coconut oil for several yrs now, not sure exactly how long but approximately 5 or 6 yrs & have also had good results. I do take some medication though.

  • How do you take the oil? I can't imagine taking a big spoonful of coconut oil. It sounds a little gag worthy.

  • Heat it in the microwave then drink it in one go

    It's not the best but ok

    The benefits are brilliant

  • Coconut oil: 6 tbsps per day (or more; adjust to your experience) Recommended: 2 tbsps at each meal and 2 before bed.

    Heat 1/3 coffee cup of coconut milk, the variety that contains 6g of sugar, place two tbsp. of coconut oil and after it melts in a moment, you have a tasty drink not unlike hot cocoa. For that matter, I sometimes add a chunk of unsweetened cocoa for flavor.

  • Thank you Roy. That does sound more appetizing.

  • Does coconut oil come in pill form and does it work the same?

  • Gel caps?

    1000mg gel caps are not near enough to the dose necessary.

    1000mg = 1 gram / 1 Tablespoon = 14.25g

    “Therapeutic levels of MCTs have been studied at 20 grams per day. According to Dr. Newport's calculations, just over two tablespoons of coconut oil (about 35 ml or seven level teaspoons) would supply you with the equivalent of 20 grams of MCT, which is indicated as either a preventative measure against degenerative neurological diseases, or as a treatment for an already established case.”

  • I put it in a smoothie

  • Roy instead of sugar you could his mannitol

  • Have any studies been done on coconut oil for Parkinson's?

  • not that im aware of

  • I also eat 3 pcs of healthy chocolate every day so I dip my chocolate into the coconut oil, it's actually not bad at all. Make sure you buy unrefined virgin coconut oil.

  • Melt 50-50 in a double boiler, CO & chocolate chips. Chill in ice cube tray. Aim for 2 T pieces - each pc is 1 T CO. For variety add some natural peanut butter, chopped nuts, shaved coconut, etc.

  • I also have spread it on cinnamon graham crackers.

  • Mix coconut oil with dark choclate powder and add stevia as sweetener and place in freezer. Use as snack or dessert; melts fast at room temp. Delicious

  • That sounds pretty good. I love dark chocolate. thank you!

  • Morning to you

    Just read over your post from a while ago

    How are you doing

  • what about coconut oil and its effect on cholesterol? I take CO daily but this concern always lingers...

  • Google Benefits of Coconut Oil and it should relieve your mind. Has something to do with MCT's. I'm not at home so i'm not sure how to copy a website on here. Try: & put coconut oil in the search

  • Don't be to concerned, coconut oil rises the good cholesterol - HDL. What is important is the ratio between total cholesterol and good cholesterol, the lower the number the beter off you are. A ratio of 5 and above is not good, a ratio of 3 is good. For instance if your total is 250 (high] and you HDL is 50 your ratio is 5 = not good but (in this case) if your HDL is 100 your ratio is 2.5 = very good even though your total cholesterol is 250. Explained? Coconut oil rises HDL, the good cholesterol!

  • Coconut oil that you cook with

  • Coconut ice cream

  • Do you know if this has helped with tremors

  • Yes, I get excellent relief from tremors. None of the medications controlled my tremors and my neurologist recommended surgery. Fortunately I discovered coconut oil.

    I take four servings at 2 tbs each serving per day. I have actually been using MCT oil which I feel is more effective. After doing some research on ketones I discovered the ketogenic diet, which elevates ketones through diet, basically you avoid eating carbohydrates (which may be difficult for some people). But avoiding carbohydrates gives me more control on my symptoms. Finally I always keep handy some ketone salts, which boost blood ketones levels when I really need some help.

    So it is a complicated subject, but it pays to do some research. For some reason not everyone responds positively with coconut oil, but that is probably expected because Parkinson's reveals itself differently in various people. Ketone research is in it's infancy, and there is a lack of scientific evidence. Some reputable work is currently being done on the effect of the effect of coconut oil on Alzheimer's, but it will be a few more years before the effect of coconut oil is tested on Parkinson's.

    For myself, manipulating blood ketone levels has proven very effective in controlling my tremor.

  • Are there any studies about the Keyturn manipulation? I would be delighted if the coconut oil would help with my tremor

  • I pop popcorn in coconut oil but take Omega 3 capsules instead

  • Works great in oatmeal and in a skillet when ever I cook.

  • Greetings from South Louisiana. I have spoken to both our cardiologist and to Louis's PD neurologist and both agree that coconut oil is very, very healthy for all of us. Neurologist says she cooks with it and uses it on her skin. I ordered a big container of organic, virgin coconut oil. We put it in our coffee and cook with it. I googled Dr. Mary Neuport and was very encouraged by what I heard and saw. It's certainly worth a try. We have also taken the capsules. I so appreciate your remarks. This group is so valuable to me. I thank God for all of you!

  • I forgot to mention in my post that Louis is still taking his Parkinson's meds. He is 78 and I don't want to take any chances. He has some dementia so I want to keep him "with me" mentally as long as I can! Take care, sweet friends.

  • Is some dementia caused by Parkinson's or the meds??Is it normal for person with Parkinson to get some dementia?


  • I was diagnosed with PD at 45. I am now 53, and use Coconut oil in many different forms and for different uses. I think there is a much bigger conversation to have here than just the oil. I would be more than willing to speak with you by phone with regards to your concerns as to where your husband is at in his journey. However, you should also talk with your Neurologist about the medication, because Coconut oil can not cure, stop progression or even completely mask PD.

  • "Coconut oil can not cure, stop progression or even completely mask PD" ..... Neither can anything else that your Neurologist can offer!

    From MJF: Parkinson's Disease Medications

    "A number of medications are available for the management of both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD). All of them are directed at easing symptoms and improving quality of life. At this time, no cure or disease-modifying therapy -- one that stops or slows disease progression -- has been proven."

    I know of no PWP who has claimed that CO can cure PD. I have been in contact with many PWP who feel that they have experienced long term symptomatic benefits from adding CO to their treatment regimen. I have heard from several who report no benefit for them.

    Unfortunately there are shills on the web who make outlandish claims about CO and many other substances.

  • Some people are experiencing great results with co

    My advise is each to their own

    It has really helped my husband with movement

    And also memory

    The best advice I think is think positive try to laugh every day

    Be greatful for the small things

    And stay away from negative people they bring nothing to the table

  • My belief anything one does with a positive attitude to better one's self can have great effects psycologically as well. Common sense enters into the equation somewhere followed by "street smarts" for lack of better term. We have to remember no one can expect a "cure" shy of a miracle from (somewhere) at this point...... These posts are positive enhancements to life and pure suggestion of what works for the individual sharing his/her regimen. It is in no way meant to be followed like lemmings. What works for the goose doesn't always work for the gander.

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