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Hump Seed Oil - Relief for Tremor !!

No harm in trying this !!

Clinically validated Cannabis Oil hits the U.S.A market across all 50 states

Tremors and Hand Shaking are Positively Effected by CBD

Available online Amazon, e-bay

In INDIA Amazon, e-bay, flipkart

: Shudh Desi Pure Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed 100ml

Direct source :

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I have tried Hemp oil I am tremor dominant PD not much improvement but I think CBD will be better when available and if it's not cost prohibitive

Have found Magnesium oil and Selenium more helpful at this stage

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Thank you very much for feedback. Yes, it is expensive !!


Hump Seed? :)


Sorry !! It is Hemp seed. I know that I made the mistake, but I left as it is, people who are interested will see the link.

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