Cold weather a problem? Anyone else lose it by evening?

For the past two years post diagnosis and for about ten years before, I have noticed more pain and stiffness in cold weather. It takes longer to wash dress, prepare breakfast and get out the door. Retired for six months, I am grateful for a more relaxed schedule but I still feel guilty if I miss my exercise classes and try to at least walk when I feel better. Also, by evening I am so done. I have every intention of attending a meeting but when the time comes, by the time dinner I just want to get in bed. In between I am energetic and motivated. If other pwp's are the same, it will help me accept my situation better. I am 70 and stage one. Moving to warm climes is not going to happen.

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  • same here

  • I have the tremor-dominant form of PD.

    On cold days my tremor seems worse, and sometimes I think I'm shivering when I'm probably just tremoring.

  • Ditto to that but if I can get to lie on yoga mat and head on plllow for 30 mins or so makes big difference mid pm.

  • My husband is the same

    Our boys play hockey and he watches from the lobby

    The cold in the rink causes his tremor to increase dramatically

    He takes a hot shower before heading out in the cold to the gym and always warms up the car.

  • I am 23 and was officially diagnosed with Parkinson's about 5 months ago. Although I have been on Parkinson's meds just a year now. I have noticed the same thing with cold and I wasn't sure if it was only me. I live in Buffalo, New York and have many months of cold weather. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. At this point moving down south away from my family and everything is not an option.

  • I live in Abitibi in a rather drafty old house and I notice I seem to suffer from a lassitude when I;m cold, as soon as it warms up I tackle dishes in sink, etc. It.s obvious to me that my thyroid is involved because I can feel it , in my scull on left side and glands. always had lower normal thyroid readings. it feels like it's straining, enough to make itself felt, but not real pain.

    suggests hormones involved. I;m way over menopause.

  • great article at about niacins today.

  • It was very cold last 3 days in New York and my tremor got worse in my hands. even i was wearing gloves. It's sure that cold make you shake even if you don't have Parkinson.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback!o

  • Yes the cold weather does not help at all, I always seem to be in less pain in the heat, I feel exactly like you .


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