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ADD vs PD vs "OLD AGE"


I am now 82yo. When I was in my 20 I was dx with ADD (no H), I took ritaline for about 5 years and learned how to deal with ADD and lead a very successful and productive live, I still have ADD. About 5 years ago I was dx with PD and take c/l. Now I'm wondering which is the cause of my cognitive changes the ADD or the PD or my "older" age or a combination thereof? Anyone in the same boat?

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Consider yourself lucky. You are over 80; sound pretty cogent and intelligent; PD is not the worst thing to befall an individual. Nobody knows why anyone gets PD.

Thank for your words they are an uplift, I think I should count my blessings more and thanks God for it.


I'm 68 I've had ADHD/Tourettes, for about 60 years. Of course no one understood it then. I was actually diagnosed only 23 years ago, which was a defining moment in my life. I still take Adderall.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with PD. I think they are all related.

About 6 months ago, I found that Neurology dept at Baylor in Texas had patients with what they called a Tourettes-PD "spectrum" I think they are right. About once a month I do a thorough search for this, and now there is a lot of research in this. These are all Dopamine disorders.

PD and TS are chemically opposite, with one being too much Dopamine, and the other too little.

If you have focusing issues, talk to your doctor about a stimulant. If you had ADD then, you have it now. It does not interfere with the C/L, and might improve your life.

Good Luck

Thank you, informative

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