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I'm 73, was Dxed as PD in 2011. Soon found Katzenschlager et al 2004 and Hinz et al 2011 (Amino acid management of Parkinson’s disease: a case study). Soon after PD Dx, I began using Mucuna pruriens and reduced my intake of generic Synemet. I've been taking 4 of 100/25 generic Synemet per day plus 1 ropinirole at bedtime plus Mucuna capsules with each 100/25. Hinz et 2016 has prompted me to reduce my 100/25 to 1/2 tab four times per day, while boosting my Mucuna. I still live alone, cook for myself, and drive my old Suburu (to local grocery, doctors, and library- all within 2 mile radius of home).

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That's encouraging. Hope I fare as well!


thnx for sharing


What brand of mucuna do you take? I take 4 siminet 25/100 4 x a day and 2 macuna. Would like to increase Mucuna and decrease siminet but not sure how to do it. My neuro does not know about the mucuna. Thanks


I haven't established a best pattern yet. At 5 am, 9:30 am, 1:30 pm, and at 6:45 pm, I've been trying 1/2 of 25/100 along with two Mucuna Dopa (by Source Naturals). I take 1 ropinirole at 8:15 pm along with 1 capsule of Dopa Mucuna (by NOW). If I have errands in town (small town), I have on several days added 1 ropinirole around 8:30 am. At first I tried to omit the 9:30 am 1/2 of 25/100 but slumped a little too much, so I returned to the 4 times per day as sketched above.


I'm certainly not a Neuro, but occassionally taking a requip/ropineral will have no deferrable effect other than possibly the nausea associated with getting used to agonist. It's not like taking tylenol when you have a headache. Best wishes on your efforts and relief.



Thank you for commenting. I've been taking ropinirole before bedtime each night for more than two years. For me, ropinirole nausea has not been an issue. I have tried various combinations of 25/100 plus Mucuna and ropinirole. My occasional daytime use of ropinirole includes continuing my 1/2(25/100) + Mucuna regimen and somewhat extends my up time (while doing errands).

Ropinirole for the treatment of early Parkinson's disease. The Ropinirole Study Group.

Update on ropinirole in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Nonergot dopamine-receptor agonists for treating Parkinson's disease - a network meta-analysis




I am a bit uncertain what to make of your meds regime because in another post you say you take Amantadine but i dont see it mentioned here ? What dose of Ropinerole do you have? Ii take one tablet a day and that is 8 mg.

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Thank you for pointing out my oversight. My ropinirole is .25 mg, and it seems to extend up-time somewhat in conjunction with the 1/2 of 25/100 plus Mucuna.


What's your Mucuna dosage in teaspoon or mg plus % purity. Thanks, Tom in CA


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