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Neck pain


Hi for the past six weeks I have experienced pain in my neck and head which now appears also in my shoulders,I can't sleep at night as I can't get comfortable,have seen my go but he hasn't been a lot of help other than suggesting pain killers or a chiropractor which I can't afford

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i'd try applying heat and exercise...not assume it's pd right away, you could inquire about your carotids....

M husband was told that his neck and shoulder pain is from his Parkinson's bad posture.

When did you last have a review with you neurologist? My husband's pain reduces when he is correctly medicated.

I have had a stiff neck for 9 months. It too goes down my arms. I also have sciatica in both legs. The sides switch back and forth sometimes.

The neck is caused by Bradykenisis. Neurotransmitters slow down and smash into upper discs. I go to a spinal pain Doctor (an anesthesiologist) and get a Cervical Epidural Steroid injection. Yes, this is all from PD.

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Its amazing how one struggles with pain but learns to live with it. I'm keeping fingers crossed that legal medical Cannabis will ease mine. Don't fancy a spinal injection at all.

How often do you have to have them?

Legal Cannabis is available to me in 2 day's. 11 years with PD. About time I am rewarded.


would you please keep me posted on your medical cannabis use/ benefits? I am almost at the point u r, but cannabis is so darn expensive, as is the registration process... I'd like to know of its really worth the cost...

Yes of course I shall post the results.

Neurologist, GP and I are having a Skype consultation on 8 March.

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I too have sciatica I was told to have physio.and the neck shoulder pain has started a week ago.I am so fed up at the moment, but thank you for sharing.



Weed is the way. New York is just getting organized, so I'm getting by with a little help from my friends. I was just out in LA. excellent quality. Very selective to what it helps. I've got double sciatica and my legs always hurt. Better for that than neck.

The injections work, but you can't have them often.

Keep on Truckin'

So strange. I have started with the neck$shoulder pain that runs down my arm.and elbow.(last few days)I too have noticed headache with dizziness (since yesterday) and was just thinking where has this come from as I cant remember lifting anything's so painful and it has actually woken me up.I wonder if it is PD

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Yes, the Neck pain is a result of bradykneses. Probably have a curvature of the spine with various discs blown.

Physical therapy is important and THC definitely helps.

How do you sleep? I had 2 nice pillows but I started using a flat firm pillow and it has helped my neck considerably. Sometimes I use an air plain pillow U shaped. That works too.

Hi thank you for sharing.

I sleep ok and i have a soft pillow firm pillow made it worse and i will try the V shaped one.But it's really annoying isn't it?Does it effect your shoulder and arm?

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