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Essential Tremor


I am just a 21y old and at this age I have this disease, and is not only my cheeks or my right hand, actually is my whole body. This is a family thing coming from my mom's side. My brother has it, but my half brother he does not have it, 3 of my cousins from my mom's sister has it, the other 2 brothers of my mom their child does not have it.

I heard about this new treatment with Ultrasound which unfortunately is not NHS available yet. I have a appointment to a neurologist at the hospital London soon which hope they will set my on a waiting list or something what really could help me very soon with it.

Does someone have ET ? Did some of you treated some how ? How does your life is affected of it ? Do you control it yourself ?

Myself I kind of control it, for exemple my good brother he is 17y old, he does not control it that much and you can actually see very badly how his body and hands are shaking sometimes ... I nearly am a fully qualified hairdresser. I had a Sassoon course in cutting and there I realised how much ET does affects my cutting angles and everything. Even when I work in the salon, some clients can feel that I shake and all that stuff and then they get unsure on my work....

I'd like to hear more stories, let's see how other people think about it and what are thinking to do about it.

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Are you in the correct group here? This is the Parkinson's group which is different from essential tremor.


Crandazzo you seem very young to have PD, if you have I feel very sorry

for you, you must get this properly checked out for immediate help, my best wishes to you and your long suffering family members.

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is there any chance you may have LYME DISEASE. you should have that checked with a Western Blot test using Stoney Brook lab in NY .They are the best.

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Hi crandazzo. I have Pd and I also have essential tremor. My hand shakes when I try to fasten a button or when writing or doing any fine motor work.

Do you have any of my Parkinson's symptoms, like poor muscle coordination, insomnia, constipation, depression, bad posture, swallowing problems, choking, dribbling, dry mouth, fatigue, urination problems, walking problems, freezing while trying to walk, poor balance, concentration problems, problems manipulating fingers, multi-tasking, writing, poor ability walking over uneven surfaces, memory loss, mood swings and irritability, poor facial muscle control (Parkinson's Mask), unusual perspiration, respiratory problems, rigidity, social withdrawal, speech problems? All of these conditions can be caused by many other health problems but maybe, if you have several of them, you might like to consult your neurologist.

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