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Cervical disc replacement and Parkinson's

Hi- new to this site. I had cervical disc replacement two years ago. Immediately started getting shocks in left leg. Eventually went to right leg. I dont get shocks often anymore but constant dull pain in shins. My neck is worse than before surgery along with back pain. I have been seeing many doctors to get answers and have pretty much been left with fibromyalgia. Now I'm having tremors in fingers, shoulder legs mostly at rest so im thinking now maybe it is Parkinsons. I saw someone else comment on link between back/neck surgery and onset of PD? Anyone else like me out there? I'm 53 and female. I also have a foggy brain and just simply don't feel right?!?! I used to be very active and advid hiker. Now going to the grocery store is too exhausting. I saw a Nuerologist about a year ago it wrote all my symptoms off as anxiety😔Any feedback greatly appreciated!!!

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Sorry, could say whats wrong but surgery doesnt cause pd.


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