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Many Faces of Sinemet



Anyone managed to sort out all the differences between the different strengths and types?

I notice that most people take 25/100 but there are references to CR, ER, Plus, here we have retard which seems to be extended release.

My husband was put straight onto 25/250 Sinemet a few years ago, which he takes 1 every 4 hours, the on and off times are fairly extreme. When low he almost comes to a stop.

I would like to start experimenting to find a more comfortable dosage for him but could do with more information I am finding it difficult to get answers from the medical profession.

I can purchase Sinemet over the counter, it is quite inexpensive.

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200/25 or 200/50 and is it CR? The types and names depend on which country you live in but sinimet comes in immediate release and controlled releaseCR or extended release ER.

May be some more info on this thread

Tamarisk in reply to Hikoi

25 carbo/250 levo, immediate release, not CR which is not available here, I think retard is the same (Spain).

I was wondering is an extended controlled release of a lesser amount be more beneficial than a larger immeidiate hit.

Hikoi in reply to Tamarisk

That is a question! No definitive answer. Some people find a mix of quick and extended release works well. Its a bit trial and error but any changes need a while to really know the effect. I could say more but lets see others experience first. Suggest you have a diary of meds and symptoms to see any patterns to help you and nero make adjustments.

The numbers refer to ratio of carbidopa to levodopa.


Tamarisk in reply to M_rosew

Yes I had worked that out, but what I would like to know is if you take a controlled release tablet is the lower dose giveing a smoother ride than a higher dose of the immediate tablet.

M_rosew in reply to Tamarisk

My understanding is that controlled release give a more constant benefit. On that basis I take mine at 8hour intervals.

Thank you that sounds very do-able what is your dosage 25/100 or 25/ 250?

M_rosew in reply to Tamarisk


Also prescribed Azilect (1 daily).


My mom has been on all versions. She does best with the regular Sinemet 25/100 but she takes it every three hours. She takes 5 a day

My husband and I live in Australia and he takes Madopar 200mg/50mg 4 times a day and then at 3 pm he takes slow release Madopar 100 mg/ 25 mg x2 and x3 at 8.45 pm

We are happy with this

My mother takes 25/100 three hours apart 5x/day + 1 Extended Release during the night. Her freezing is getting much worse so we may need to adjust; however, every time we increase any of these, her nausea becomes overwhelming to the point that she can't control the vomiting. Dyskinesia also worsens. Has anyone else experienced this?

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