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Still trying to find JOY!

My dear PD friends,

Several weeks ago, in my first post, I mentioned the words God and joy in the same sentence as PD. Some of you were not happy with my choice of words. Well, tonight I have to share that I, Louis's caregiver, am having a really hard time. Today has been a rollercoaster!!! Louis woke up, came into the living room and told me he found himself on the floor in a "bunch of rags." He asked me why I had not helped him off the floor? Louis was NEVER on the floor! Louis does have dementia but it was way more pronounced today. That took me completely off guard. There are some extenuating circumstances which may be contributing to this change! 20 year old grandson living here as I help him with online calculus. After exam tomorrow, I will curb tutoring. Anyway, Joyful Josephsimon is not very joyful tonight. Those of you who are prayer warriors, would you please pray for me as I continue to pray for you! Thank you!

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HUG :-)


Thank you! I needed that! Things are better this am! Going to see PD doc today!


So you understand The Calculus. So do I. But I am a guy, and in the 50's I got lots of encouragement to go technical. I can imagine that you had a bit of a hill to climb.

You also like movies. Please try to see "Hidden Figures". Cynthia and I found it very uplifting. It's about women, who are confronted with a burden much bigger than Parkinson's, who persevered and triumphed, not by bitterness and meanness, but through persistence and accomplishment.

Now for The Calculus: the Fundamental Theorem says that No Matter how much of a mess we make, we also have the tools to Unmake the mess, up to an additive constant. For me, the constant that I choose to add is Love and Compassion for my fellow man.

Parkinson's is not a mess that we knowingly made. And we have yet to discover the tools to unmake it. But we still have a choice regarding the additive constant we want to live by.

"If you have the Ability, then you have the Responsibility."


Well written


Thank you so much! That night, all I needed was a listener! I know now that I put undue stress on myself about the calculus - among other things! We are now visiting a daughter in San Fran. When we get back to Louisiana, I will work diligently to make our lives simpler! Again, thank you for the encouragement!


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