Sad News

I recently joined this group after observing the

Upbeat and beneficial feedback being offered

by each of you. The attack today by one of our group on another ( who by the way, has enlightened and helped a great number of us

through his journey) is a sad testament to

what is wrong with this country and its people.

Let's get back to what this website is all about

and continue to bless and encourage people

with this positive banter and make people want to be a part of this movement. God bless you all!

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  • Frustrations will surface from time to time. Stick with us and you will see a pattern to certain posts and claims.

  • Hi Chetthejet, I don't know why someone would want to hurt you or anyone else in this group. It's hard enough just dealing with Parkinson's and all it has to offer there really is no room in our lives for negativity! I have not read your post or the comments on it but please feel free to say what you wish and turn a deaf ear to the bad vibes.

  • Hi Sweetie, I also experienced some negativity! BUT, we have to let it slide right off our backs! Because....we need each other! Stay with this group, please! We need you to tell your story! Thinking of you and all PD patients and caregivers today! "All will be well!"

  • A lovely reply Josephsimon x I've been caring 4my Dad. He is 80yrs now. He has gone very rapidly downhill over the last couple of years & is at regular risk of falls. I'm unfit to carry on caring due 2my own health issues & my sister runs her own business. We are now looking at a Care Home for him. PD seems 2affect each person so differently. We all need 2support each other & negate the negativity! Best wishes to each & every person affected by Parky x

  • Nice comments to reply with shows a very tolerant and empathetic attitude we do need to stay positive in our posts as you've said PD is enough to cope with wishing every one a great day

    Sunnysky 😀

  • As is clear in the world of politics, what is presented as a set of facts by one side, is routinely and far too easily characterized as an "attack" by the other. I'm not certain what "attack" you may be referring to but suggest you thoroughly apprise yourself of BOTH sides of the issue before drawing such a dire conclusion.

    Exposing a case of serial misrepresentation of a given individual's actual clinical diagnosis, for example, would be more an act of concern for those susceptible to false tales of cure or "reversal" than an "attack" and should be regarded as such.

  • Interesting way of looking at it. Health is such a very emotive subject .....we can laugh, cry, take a tantrum or just go with how we feel. I don't think all of our posts/ replies are always taken in a favourable way and mis-interpretation can occur! At least we all know that our voices are being heard & so are the innumerable tentacles of help reaching out to each of us! Phew...... where did I get all this from? New Meds?

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