Any one using Massage for treatment

I just got done with a massage, Its the best investment I can recommend, $50 for an hr of attention and muscle relaxing, I do tip $10. so its a little more, If your new make sure you tell them you want gentle. They can be a little rough if your really stiff and you might be sore for a few days. But once thats gone it is heaven

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  • Idofotos I give Ron amateur massages, and even those are relaxing. I'd love for him to get a professional massage, especially one for PWP like they have at our YMCA, but he's still leery.

  • I agree massage therapy is the #1 thing that helps, at least short term. But its pretty expensive for my budget. I'd get it every week or 2 if I had extra money.

  • I agree it is a bit pricy Kind of a reward once in awhile. It would also be a good gift

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