Has anyone heard of or used naltrexone

We were told this has good effect on Neuro issues like pd and ms

Would like to know from others if used what are side effects and how it might affect other medicines like atonement while taking.

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  • I took it about a year ago. No side effects and it is cheap. Do need a prescription. I get emails from them and they have yearly conventions on the benefits. I have more information somewhere and will look for it. Supposed to be neuroprotective. I got mine from a pharmacy called Skip's in South Florida. I don't know why I stopped taking it. Might give it another try. I take Mucuna and CBD along with siminent that seems to work ok although I just started another Mucuna as I was not feeling great. I just didn't want to increase the siminent unless I had to. If u want to send me your e-mail will forward any mail I get from the Company.

  • garykang11@gmail.com, what kind if mp u take

  • Me for many years, Skips Pharmacy makes the best--561-218-0111

  • My husband has used it for many years. It did not keep his PD from progressing, but progression has been slow. Considering that he has had it 12 1/2 (I keep forgetting it may be 13 now), is 80 and still able to work, he is doing well. You never know if it would be any different if he was not taking it, but guess don't want to take that chance. It works by increasing the bodies production of a neurotransmitter that isn't talked about much but that keeps you happy and that is supposed to modulate the immune system. One thing for sure, he Thank G-d, doesn't suffer from depression.

    Here's a website you may find helpful:


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