Hearing loss and pd

My husband seems to have a sudden loss of hearing. Or maybe he is unable to react. It is hard to tell. Has anyone else had hearing loss due to pd? We have had new hearing aids last year.

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  • I seem to have hearing loss after DBS. I am 51 and scheduled for 2 (TWO!) hearing aids. I have googled and I think, because PD is an ''old persons'' disease there is not much info...I couldn't find much anyway.

  • I'm almost 65, dx with PD almost 13 years ago. I've been having a hard time hearing but my last two neuros said it has nothing to do with PD.

  • I have had hearing loss for many years now, and tinnitus. It started around the time of my other PD symptoms.

  • I think in most cases it's th slowness of thought process. ..

  • You may be right. He always says yes instantly when asked if he wants to go to Tim Hortons for coffee. It seems he has built in radar for going out to coffee and donuts. Those words resonate in his brain.

  • John can hear fine now never needs his hearing aids , he just finds responding difficult

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