Severe uncontrollable itching

This is across my shoulders just below my pecs ,sometimes shins/ankles and other times forearms/wrists. It has resently developed into a rash with minor breaking of skin itching. I have kept it somewhat controlled with hydrocortisone. Where should i start searching for a cause? Sinimet? Anyone else encountered such a issue?


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  • I have the same thing but have not associated it with PD. People with PD can have other ailments too. As you age dry skin becomes common. I have anti-itch creams and sometimes take an antihistamine. PD or not all you can do is treat the symptoms.

  • a friend of mine has this, and i used to have it. i went to a dermatologist and got a prescription fo triamcinolone acetonide ointment and cream --2 separate containers. i put the cream on my skin then the ointment over it..

    you can also try using coconut oil and when in doubt grab a benadryl or two:)

  • For the past few days itching, red rash on my legs, mostly starts late afternoin...did not think it was PD, have other health issues so I am still wondering what it is? Have a Dr appointment.,.

  • My husband has been suffering with severe itching, mainly on his shoulders and arms, for over five years. Dermatologist, allergy specialist-you name it-we've tried it. All we're told is he'll just have to live with it. He was diagnosed with PD about six months ago, I am definitely going to discuss with his neurologist at next visit. He has very minor tremors, mainly at night. So glad I am on this site! He also has stage four COPD for last nine years. Still fighting on.

  • Yes. Sinamet is the problem. With me anyway. Stopped it and no more itching. I came out in Hive like welts too.

  • Pelley

    Google Niacin overdose and see if it applies. I was researching Niacin to find out what foods are high in Niacin and there's something called the Niacin flush & it causes red flushing of the skin and itching.

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