is anyone currently taking a supplement called AtreMorine or taken in the past? If so, do you recommend it?

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  • I've just started, having researched its attributes etc. I'll keep you updated

  • Looks interesting can you get organic?

  • I think it already is....plant extract only from fava bean

  • Where do you buy yours

  • I'll send. the link

  • Can you send me the link?

  • AngelaMcH, so hows it going on the atremorine?


    Obv' no endorsement. Just experimenting!

  • Thank you worth a try I'm on Mucuna so might swap for a months trial

  • Cost is to high for me let me know how you go

  • I just started taking it. Too early to comment on it but will keep you posted.

  • Suggest you search this forum - there's a long thread discussing this supplement and the rather optimistic claims being made for it by the Spanish team on their sponsored post circulating on facebook. I'm sceptical...