I believe it and I think exercise is the key. You have to fight the disease and not give into it. You have to do the very opposite of what the disease wants you to do.

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  • It is war that i am winning with meds and exercise.

    Just set my personal best in the dead lift 415 pounds (188.241 kilogram).

    Not bad for a 63 year old 11 years with PD.

  • That's awesome, way to go. When did u start exercising?

  • 2 years. Never been in a gym after high school. Just worked hard doing construction work Dry wall finishing.

  • Do you still work?

  • no

  • I totally agree. I took early retirement from a really big job....now training to teach yoga to others who are similarly challenged! I feel 'normal' again on my yoga mat. I think the power of neuroplasticity is really worth exploring in PD x

  • what is neuroplasticity?

  • gooogle Norman Doige, explains it all :)

  • When your brain heals itself

  • Heals in a sense

  • ive got myself into a very bad state of mind, I've been doing yoga for years, and love it! But now "it's too hot, or too cold, too early or too late, no good starting on a Friday, i'll start on Monday, then Monday is too cold or too hot .......... etc etc! Bad bad!!!!

  • The main symptoms of PD include Stifness (Rigidity) and tremors and both respond to exercise. 'Exercise, exercise & exerciseis the only wonder drug against PD.'

  • agree totally, but can you tell me where to get some motivation from, I'm all out!

  • Self talk is the best way to motivate

  • Do you sometime exercise too much and get burning in legs and thighs, especially at night?

  • I exercise early morning and hence no such problems

  • awesome

  • yes...... sigh! But at the moment I am very un-inspired, and my own worst enemy! :(

  • how about a slow painful death vs a few good years that you can enjoy.

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