I believe PD is curabled

There's too many people claiming that they reversed their symptoms, I refuse to think it can't be reversed, maybe not 100%.

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  • Sorry Curable

  • Are you or someone you know/heard of, doing something that shows signs of reversed symptoms?

    I am hopeful it is.

  • John Pepper

  • Reverse symptoms or cured ? Can you cure but not 100%? I think we all have different ideas of what a cure means, that is an interesting discussion topic too.

  • I believe both can be done.

  • Thinking positive helps.

  • I've had it 14 years and last year it has started to get so much worse mobility ,memory , I am trying to keep mypositive attitude,So if anyone out there can help to cure this debilitating disease, please please tell me.

  • Exercise, have you read John Pepper's. I feel 100% normal after fast walking or running.

  • John Peppers book

  • Fast running and walking ( forced exercise) does nothing for those who cannot do it because they have progressed. Keeping moving on the other hand, no matter how difficult, is essential. I have yet to hear of a case where PD is permanently reversed. Health gains, yes, delayed progression, yes, but not reversal.

  • no two pd'ers are alike......I think it's several illnesses affecting muscles.

  • The worst things for me are my stomach, my memory and fine motor skills.

  • Even if we suppose , for the sake of discussion, that reversal is possible, it will probably look a mite less rosy once we begin to quantify it. Analogously to the phenomenon of "winning the lottery," we have to look at what are the odds. For example, it may turn out on average over all the world's 7 million Parkees, one in 50,000 will actually reverse their condition and die PD free. That amounts to 140 people worldwide who really do cure their disease. If those 140 cases are made public, it will seem like a lot, and engender exuberant hope. But when you look at the actual odds for the average Joe, they are still astronomically small. Moral: Dream all you like of a KO, but pay attention to your footwork and don't forget to roll with the punches ;)

  • People who have reversed PD most likely didn't have PD in the first place, many people are wrongly diagnosed, given drugs for the incorrect diagnosis and made worse. If they are lucky and start investigating themselves they might find out they were suffering from something entirely different. A common missed diagnosis especially in people aged 60/70 is Pernicious Anaemia, often thought to be MS/ME when in fact they are deficient in B12. Bog standard blood test doesn't reveal this deficiency. All people whatever their age should ask for a B12 blood test.

  • I know someone who had tremors on one side and freezing who suffered from Lyme disease and not Parkinson's. As the Lyme improved with treatment those symptoms disappeared.

  • It takes a leap of faith and courage to stand up against the majority and declare that PD can be cured, so I applaud you aclarkson.

    I too believe that and every day take steps to support recovery with the hope that eventually they will yield results. Although my physical symptoms are not changing hugely, my emotional, mental and spiritual progress has been phenomenal. My belief is that the physical will gather pace too. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and still have minimal symptoms.

  • Thanks for this encouraging post! I do high cadence cycling, vigorous walking, gait and balance training with the PoNS, stretching and Yoga, meditation (sometimes Qigong) and Feldenkrais! I also do kind of psychotherapy to learn to deal with all the emotions that come along with PD. I'm SURE it helps. What are you doing everyday?

  • Jens667, I congratulate and admire all you are doing to deal in a positive way with PD. Do you have an online reference which describes or demonstrates 'gait and balance training with the PoNS?

  • Unfortunately I don't have that. What's your programm of exercise and interventions?

  • Currently I do a Dr Joe Dispenza guided meditation, walking ,qi gong and I'm sensible about my diet. I'm mindful of the thoughts and emotions that I entertain as I believe that PD is very much a condition of a life out of balance. Most importantly, I've learnt to develop compassion and courage which are prerequisites for recovery.

  • Hi, sounds like you know about Howard Shifke or Bianca Molle's methods?

  • Absolutely. I've been inspired by both. Howard's blog is a light in the dark. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to take the road less travelled. Www.fightingparkinsonsdrugfree

  • me too. Have you tried any and any improvement yet?

  • My sense of smell came back. Symptoms are still present but stable.

  • how long have you been doing it?

  • 3/4 years on and off. How about you? Have you been doing it too?

  • I've been doing it most days for over 2 years. My physical looks like getting worse, but I hope it's like what Howard says it can happen during the process.

    I am slower, stiffer, weaker and less hand and leg function, sometimes seems freeze. Do you have these and do they get better or on/off?

    R u on meds?

  • Just started on ropinerole a few weeks ago. Lowest dose. It's allowed me to confidently hold my new grandchild after 3 months.

  • is it because this meds improve your condition?

  • They've helped a little with more fluid movement. I've taken them reluctantly as I don't want to become dependent upon them. I'm choosing to stay on the minimum dose.

  • After 3 to 4 years how much have you improved doing the Recipe and do you still have faith?

  • I have improved but am unable to quantify it. I can smell now and I look like a healthy person. I have good colour in my skin and my eyes are bright. These are indicators that my body is functioning better. At the same time there has also been deterioration in my movement where I've become slightly slower and stiffer. I carry on as I believe in recovery and who knows maybe my condition would have been much worse by now had I not been doing the recipe. In fact, I'm considered to be an exceptional patient by my Parkinson's nurses as I'm doing so well. I have every intention of continuing until victory is mine, regardless of how long it takes. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • I think i'm similar to you. I hope my increased stiffness, slowness and weakness are healing process.

    How often do you do the Recipe per week?

    How long per day?

    Have you had coaching with Howard?

  • Hi - Which of the methods triggered ur sense of smell to return?

  • Howard I know very well and he definitely had PD and he cured himself. I do agree that PD is curable. My symptoms were really bad before and now they have been reduced by at least 80% Now, when I get up in the morning and have not taken meds for 17 hours I am nearly symptom free. I am hoping I continue to improve until this is gone completely.

  • How long have you done Howard's Recipe?

    I have been doing it most days for nearly over 2 years. I think maybe smell better and some pain and sleeping better. However, physical symptoms have increased day by day over this time. Now I'm very stiff in one arm and hand. Body is stiffer. My walking gait has changed and stiff, but I still keep faith in the Recipe.

    Can you tell me if this happen with you too?

  • Do you know Howard as friend or through workshops?

  • He coached me for about a year, so I got to know him very well.

  • Please see and reply to the one before this. Thanks

  • No it has not happened that way for me. I have been getting steadily better. I hope I am cured from this in next few months.

  • How long have you been on meds?

  • I have been taking Sinemet for about 2 1/2 years in total. I also take Xadago 100 mg once a day and it really helps. It is by far the best drug I have taken for this.

  • Have you reduced your doses?

    How long have you been doing the Recipe?

    And everyday? All of Morning, afternoon and evening or some?

  • This woman reports being cured of PD as a result of practicing qigong 3 hours/day:

    Now 3 years later 2 hours/day, no meds, no symptoms.

    I am signed up for a 3 week qigong retreat starting the beginning of March. If she can do it, I can do it!

  • Here is another video of someone who improved

    Clear improvement:

  • That's awesomeness, I am going to look into this

  • What she does is a waste of time and money. It does not work and it is basically stupid. Exercise and take Xadago and you will improve rapidly. She got better by sheer luck and her Quiong had nothing to do with it.

  • You have no idea what you are talking about. Since I posted this and did the Qigong retreat I have been able to reduce my intake of levodopa by 2/3.

  • Actually I do know what I am talking about. I did the Qigong and I found it to be worthless and basically a scam. If you are getting any benefit it is just a placebo effect. If you did regular exercise like I have stated over and over on this site you would get the same results but likely much better. Follow the advice of John Pepper and you will see great improvement.

  • If you knew what you were talking about you would know that Qigong is not about the physical exercise.

    You claim "I did the Qigong". Please name the Qigong practices you did. Who was your teacher?

  • Bianca Molle. Did her entire routine. I even had her as a coach for it for months. Totally worthless and a waste of money. I feel ripped off actually. If I were you I would follow what John Pepper is doing. It works and you will feel much better. Since I have been exercising I would say 95% of my symptoms have gone away. Believe me, my symptoms were so bad I could not even dress myself. Now I can play 18 holes of golf and no one can even tell have this awful disease unless I tell them.

  • I heard something interesting recently, basically that "Parkinsons" is a label that doctors put on the disease and that for everyone the causes are different. So one theraphy that works one person doesn't work for somebody else. Also when doing a theraphy you have stick to it for at least year to see a substantial improvement. It took years to get to where the disease shows symptoms. I also heard that before starting any supplements or therapies that Parkinsons patients need to rid there body of all bad toxins and heavy metals befor adding stuff in. I Basically the doctors know the basics of Parkinsons, they don't know about natural approaches, when I mentioned John Pepper to my Neurologist he had no clue who that was.

  • How long did it take for the symptoms to go away?

  • It took about 3 weeks for them to fully subside I think. It is subtle as it goes away a little at a time. But it is definitely cumulative and the longer you do it the better you get. It is worth it believe me.

    1. at about 9:00 am take 100 mg of Xadago ( get it at goldpharma.com as I have said in many posts.

    2. have breakfast then walk fast or what I like to do is some jumping exercises for about 10 minutes. It gets your heart rate up and improves your stamina just like the walking. After I do the jumping I walk fast outside or do the theracycle for 20 minutes. It is nice to have this but not necessary. I think the main idea is to get your heart rate up so you can build stamina which is what we are missing. Build stamina any way you like. Jumping is just easy for me and requires no equipment.

    3. At 11:30 am I take a 25/100 sinemet. I wait for 1/2 hour then I have a protein shake. After about an hour the sinemet kicks in an relieves any stiffness I have and the day goes smoothly from that point forward.

    4. I take my next sinemet at 2:00 pm along with an extended release sinemet. When I do this I can play golf or do whatever I want. This gives me virtually 100 percent symptom free.

    5. I take my next sinemet at 6:30pm and that lasts the evening and kicks out before I go to bed at about 12:30

    If you follow this routine you will have basically no symtptoms. Even when I get up at 9:00 am I can walk fine and have excellent balance. I just take the sinemet to relieve ALL of the stiffness and I have a perfectly normal day taking part in any activity I want. I would say I have no more than 5% of my symptoms total if I do this routine.

  • rhenry45,

    Is your improvement due mostly to Howard's Recipe as he describes here?


    Or, John Pepper or a combination/blend of both?

  • It is mainly the John Pepper approach. Exercise is key. If you build stamina first, then use your meds to fight any stiffness you will be so much better you will be happy with the result.

  • If you had actually worked with Bianca Molle you would know that she places great emphasis on the importance of the Sound Healing practice, which is not a physical exercise at all.

    Not buying your "story".

    In any case levodopa does not work for everyone either and that does not make it a fraud.

    Glad you did find something that works for you.

  • I did the sound healing too. Like I said, she coached me for months. I found that to be equally a waste of time. I am sorry, but it is a fraud. If you do what she says you will in all likelihood get worse. You don't have to "buy my story". I am not "selling" anything unlike Bianca who is. If you don't want to do what is scientifically proven to work suit yourself.

  • I do an intensive daily exercise program every day and have been doing so for years long before my PD diagnosis. It's good but has not helped my PD.

    Bianca is a coach and DOES NOT TEACH QIGONG, she merely gives advice. I went to an actual Qigong retreat and have been able to cut back my levodopa medication by 2/3 as a result. Works for me.

  • Of course SHE TEACHES Qigong. She has you buy DVD's for it and gives constant coaching on those. You sir do not know what you are talking about. I got coaching from her and all she did was teach it.

  • I had a session with her and all we did was talk. If she also teaches then I stand corrected.

    Be that as it may, Qigong is not about the exercise. If you ended up thinking otherwise you are mistaken. Sorry you wasted your time.

  • Can you tell us how you got the PoNS device?

  • Jens667, where did you get the PoNS device?

  • I believe it and I think exercise is the key. You have to fight the disease and not give into it. You have to do the very opposite of what the disease wants you to do.

  • I agree. Stand up to it.

  • You are so right!

  • I just finish reading "Branstrom" which said that basically there will be no cure for PD

    the book ended by saying that PD is not a death sentence but is a life sentence I'm doing all my research to ensure that my life sentence is lived

    I have been Gluten Free for 12 months

    I have started an exercise program that I'm loving & also taken up Parkie Boxing

    The most important thing above all else is to eliminate negative thoughts & people from my life

    Good luck xx

  • PS

    I have been diagonosed for 8 yrs but have had PD for at least 12 yrs I was 58yrs old when diagonosed & I'm female

    Good luck

  • Can u elaborate on your diet? Other than gluten free, do u eat organic, do you eat sugat, do you eat meat, how much animal protein do you take in in the course of a week? Do you eat dairy? Etc...

  • Watch the documentary "What The Health"

  • There will never be a cure because they are looking in the wrong direction

  • Who knows if this will provide any answers, but I am participating in the Stanford Plasma Study and have had some remarkable results. I'm headed to Stanford right now or my final two transfusions and tests to see if there have been quantifiable changes. The tests will be repeated in another month. No promises. And I certainly do have Parkinson's.

  • CURABLE. Been Believing since being diagnosed. Belief changes Everything.


  • Hi Aclarkson.

    This is something I have been saying, not in the same words, for many years. If I have been able to reverse most of my movement symptoms and find ways to overcome many of the other symptoms and remain medication-free for nearly fifteen years, I don't see why many others cannot do the same.

    Of course, they have to be prepared to do some meaningful exercise and stick by some reasonable rules, but that compares favorably to slowly getting worse and worse until I become bed-ridden does not seem an acceptable option to me.

    There are many Pd patients who are convinced that they are unable to do any meaningful walking, but I have not met anybody who can't be taught to walk normally and start doing proper walking.

    I must be speaking a foreign language.

  • An earlier thread on similar topic


  • 100% curable. Maybe there's more than one way of getting to "the cure". One way could be a specific medication or some other magic bullet. Or, another way could be a matter of our creating so much health, strength, balance, and joy inside ourselves that we open our eyes one day and realize that the dis-ease is no longer present.

  • Agreed

  • I can't say I've seen anyone reverse their symptoms in 30 years but I do think I've stalled the progression. Since I started playing music almost 2 years ago I look better and not feeling worse. I've started sets shaking and after playing a few songs, it goes away. I'm convinced something in my brain has to be released when I play. I also try to keep busy and stretch/exercise/walk about an hour a day.

  • i believe that stem cells will be a cure for parkinson's disease one day .

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