I came across a couple of sites that say that Parkinson may possibly an autoimmune disease. That a Low Dose Naltrexone has helped a lot of get off Parkinson meds. There is a lady who went on it and no longer has Parkinson symptoms and clearly had Parkinsons, video is on You Tube. Search LDN. Has anyone tried this?

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  • No but I asked my neurologist and he says it would not be covered.

  • I have been using LDN for about 2 years. Is really helps with the well-being of your mind and body. I use a 3 mg. I get 50 mg uncoated pills and dissolve one in 50 mg of water and use a syringe to withdraw 3 mg. You do need a prescription unless you want to send away for it from a Canadian pharmacy.

  • Does it help with symptoms?

  • You still have Parkinson's but I think you are feeling better. I stopped one time and went back on it. So there was a definite difference of feeling worse without it.

  • can u get it in canada?

  • Yes you can. My Shoppers Drug Mart carries it but you need prescription.

  • how to dose it? i mean how to make exact low dose and how to determine how much to take

  • It comes in 50 mg tablets, you crush tablet and dissolve it into distilled water. Use a syringe to measure it out. Start off with 1.5 mg before bed every night, increase slightly each month until you get to 3 mg. There's an YouTube video on how to dilute it.

  • I haven't tried it yet but I am very interested. Look up Dr.Buharti he discovered LDN.

  • Sorry Dr.Buhari

  • OMG I will get this right yet, Dr.Bihari.

  • Thank you

  • Havent any first hand knowledge but you might also like to visit some of the facebook sites. Suggest Try LDN Research Trust to start.

  • Saw a couple videos on you tube and it totally helped almost to the point of no symptoms

  • Do a search within the Healthunlocked PD site because this subject has been discussed before.

  • Tried that nothing came up

  • Here is a general internet search about LDN, healthunlocked & silvestrov. I participated in a number of LDN/HU threads:


  • Lots of info re LDN in USA, has anyone purchased it in UK or Spain if so where? Or had their GP or neuro prescribe it?

  • Tamarisk we're in England but obtained LDN on private prescription via Scotland (I think it was Dixon's but it came up in a google search). Last year the prescription cost £35 for 3 months and the LDN itself was £18 for one month's supply. We were really banking on it helping with my husband's problem of what he calls 'walking like a monkey' where his thigh muscles and torso just don't seem to support his weight. Unfortunately for him, after 3 months it didn't help, in fact he became worse insofar as he developed bad stomach cramps and became quite morose - both these symptoms disappeared when he stopped taking the LDN

  • Thank you, very helpful.

  • I've been taking for a couple of years, not sure if it helps as my symptoms were minimal when started, they have progressed some. I take 4.5mg once a day, and have it compounded. It's not expensive but insurance doesn't pay. I get it from a compounding pharmacy in Colorado and it requires a prescription.

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