Diet restrictions on Azilect?

My husband is now 4 months diagnosed with PD, and has been taking 1mg of Azilect for 2 months. We've heard and read conflicting dietary restrictions, including that dietary restrictions have been lifted?!! Would love to hear others experiences and how to handle foods. Do others eat mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegars? He misses his pizza and salads!!!! Thanks so much in advance! Any advice would be do welcomed!!!

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  • i took it for 9 years never heard of diet restrictions. Never had a problem.

  • No BP issues? That's great! Did you previously have high blood pressure, or was it good all through the time you were taking Azilect?

  • Never had BP issues.

    The last year i took it i had bad depression and worried all the time. That is why i stopped it. I now have had no depression,

  • If you read US Azilect literature you get dietary warnings, if you read Azilect literature from other countries you don't. In theory it could be a problem. Try and see.

  • I'm wondering if just keeping track of my husband's BP is enough to insure that what he chooses to eat is ok...


    Teva is the manufactura. Teva drug info. Only one yr old. No mention of tyramine.

  • Thank you so much for the information. We are I. The US so I will try to find a manufacturers rep to speak to here. Best of luck with your search to be well.

  • I was diagnosed 2009 started Azilect 2012

    I was so relieved after being on Azilect for over 5 yrs when my new specialist said to stop taking it

    No more restrictions in tyramine containing food

    It was a nitemare when traveling, eating out, visiting friends in there home etc

    For the last 12 months I have been 100% Gluten Free it has been a breeze after living tyramine free for so long

    My results from GF diet has been wonderful I no longer have an essential Tremour, my arms do not shake, my eyes do not water, my drooling is reduced & now only at nite

    I have started on a new exercise program Parkie Boxing & beach walking every morning (I average 8 kilometres per day)

    I see my specialist early march & will be discussing cutting back my PD Meds to 4 a day rather than 5 I'm currently taking

    I know this is not the answer u wanted about Azilect But it is my experience good luck with your PD journey

    I recently read 'Brain Storms' one of the statements was "Parkinson's is not a death sentence but it is a life sentence "

    This had a profound effect on my PD journey as I'm responsible for my life & how I choose to live my life sentence

    Good luck

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, and my very best wishes to you.

  • Hàs he seeñ àny improvement in his çonditioñ ?

    I have not found any benefit so far

    The side effects seem to be similar to the symptoms

    Lethargy and drooling are my worst ones

    . Do a little exercise not excessive as I can't do it every day

    I started taking it 3 months ago aged 79

    I have had the odd pizza or two..No side effects

    Not usually a cheese eater

  • Not really a. Improvement yet, but understand that it might slow down the progression, although I guess that's debatable. Good luck on your journey!

  • I researched the food issues but did not take the drug. I believe the big warnings are for MAO - A and Azilect is a MAO -B. It's been several years since I looked into it, but I believe the culprit is tyramine which is found in high concentrations in fermented foods and aged cheeses.

  • I was told no red wine, aged cheeses, smoked or cured meats, fermented foods. I love all of them and no problems. Since cured and smoked meats are my least favorite I limit those.

  • As Hikoi says, in theory tyramine in food could be a problem but in practice it isn't

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