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An inspiring different walk

Well the skiing was great ,and the wife decided we should take a walk on the way home . It was 7 km mostly downhill or flat so managed very well.It was the height that was the problem! caminitodelrey.info/en/#1

Yes that thin line halfway up the cliff is the path .Zoom in to See the people walking.Do check out the link.If you are ever in Spain near Malaga it's worth doing.It takes about 3 hrs so you need to take meds just before so you are good for the walk.

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Lucky you, looks great.

Now you could try Machu Picchu - facebook page "The ambassador project - Machu Picchu 2017



Hi Hikoi Machu Picchu was on my bucket list but since A new heart valve and Warfarin, can't take the altitude .anything over 3500 m and I get problems.Everest base camp has also had to be removed.Wish I'd had the time and money to do them when I was younger.Instead my nephew has been and we saw the trip through his eyes.

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