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What bloodwork do u ask to have done or does your doctor do either routinely or at certain times? After reading a link found here--sorry don't recall which one right this second--I compiled a list of things supposedly helpful for people with PD. Many are supplements to take and sone are lab tests to have run. My husband is seeing his GP in a week or so for his annual physical. Can anyone speak to any of the things on this list that I made-- as to whether they are " worth doing" or necessary or even just helpful to check out? Below is the I said some are supplemets to take, and some are labs to draw. Comments on either or both are greatly appreciated!

Lipoic Acid


PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)


B 6

B Complex

D 25-Hydroxy



CoQ 10

Chem Panel





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  • Oh, yes! Thank you!!!

  • D3

  • Thanks!!

  • get magnesium level; add probiotic supplement and NAC

  • Oh yes magnesium...thank you for these suggestions!! Any particular prebiotic supplement?

  • I experimented with most of those, including Tyrosine and 5 HTP until my Neuro told me that none of those do anything for those with PD, and some even decrease the effectiveness of our meds. Save your $$$.

  • I might add to my last reply, that I do take and believe that a probiotic and prebiotic supplements have a connection to PD and they do help - at least with me! I now have very few down times.

  • What prebiotic supplement do u take

  • 1234 from Walmart . . . when I can find it or Alive!

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