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Strange voices in the morning

Hello everyone.

My mother sometimes in the morning has sputum in her throat or her throat is dry and because she has disphagia she unintentionally makes strange voices from her throat which sometimes takes 1-2 hours till it relives. This bothers her alot.

Does anyone has the same situation?

Do you know what can be done?

Many thanks🌹🌹

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Rasa im not quite sure what you are describing, is it a sound of trying to clear her throat or a breathing sound? If it is a sound she makes when she is breathing that takes 2 hours to improve i wonder if it gets better because she has had a morning dose of sinemet or other medication. The l dopa helps not only movement it has an effect on other internal muscles too.


Many thanks for your reply. It is when she is breathing and you are right it sometimes takes about 2 hours! She then can't swallow her medicines and makes her scared. Maybe you are right and she could use dispersible madopar.

Her doctor increased her Sifrol 0.18 from 3 tablets/ day to 6 tablets but she can't tolerte this increase as it makes her drowsiness.



That sounds like a very big increase. Sifrol is a dopamine agonist and they need to be increased slowly. I ve never used it so dont know alot about it.

I think you are on the right track with dispersible.

Does she wake in the night and if so does she take meds then? She may need something and then would not be low in the morning on meds if that is her problem.

Other thought, if she has trouble with swallowing she may be inhaling saliva and liquids, does she lie propped up on pillows to help her

I could be entirely wrong with those ideas but you seem resourceful and have some understanding of PD. I hope you are able to work it out.


Thanks for your kind information,she usually doesn't wake up during night and doesn't take medicine during night.

The Sifrol was advised to increase gradually during one month but I am sure she can't tolerate it though she needs more medications. I will try by increase 1/2 tablet.

Thanks for your help.


I'd go with Hikoi on that. Is she possibly having auditory hallucinations? She may responding to voices she can hear? Maybe she needs to take her night time medication a bit earlier to cover that difficult but in the morning, which could well be a muscular problem.

Above all, talk to her consultant who will be able to check it out properly.


Thank you so much for your reply.

No fortunately she doesn't have hallucinations.


Rasa have you seen Gymbags post - very interesting


Yes, That might be the rason too, because it happens sometimes.

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Hi Rasa

I know exactly what you are talking about. Been there done that ,still do sometimes.

Dry mouth is Parkinsons but she probably has a bacterial infection high up her nose. it comes down her throat at night. Your MD will prescribe a nasal spry. There is a mouth wash that gives a lot of relief, but only one that works Listerine "Total Care" there are mouthwashes that will reduce the dry mouth but this one looks after the bacteria. Very strong taste ,make sure she gargles as well.Take it before bed but Do not eat or drink after taking it .. Any time she is in the bath room she should use it. Is she still smoking?

One day I thought I heard a little girl crying, ran outside (ok Wabbled) looked all around, realized the sound was coming from me.


Lost my reply. So starting again. Husband has these issues.

Dry throat. We use Hydrate for Health bottles by bed and recliner chairs. Increased fluid intake considerably when started and bladders soon got used to extra amount.

Use OXO brand clips instead of the little clothing clip.

Husband and I both have Post Polio Syndrome.. We have issues with weaker muscles and our swallowing muscles are .....

When tested and asked to say 'Ah' we can do it once but when we ask them to repeat the test you can see our throat muscles weaken.

Mucus in mouth that has been seen by doctors.... Suggestion by ENT doctor when we raised the fact that he is removing the mask of his bi-level ventlator for sleep apnoea because he cant breathe.. that it may be he is going to swallow, not completing it, trying again and the back up rate of the machine is kicking in causing him to struggle.

He now has Stalevo mid way between night and morning dose.. and he had stents fitted for heart attack in Dec 2014 [6 done as 5 and 1 month later] his need for his bi-level ventilator has reduced. We are bringing this up at appointment in two weeks time....

The bi-level does have a humidifier...

Another comment was sleeping with mouth open makes it drier...

Hope the info helps.


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Hello Hilary

Thank you so much for your complete reply. I hope your husband gets better soon.


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