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Recently, people have been replying to things I said, maybe years ago. In those days I posted a lot more regularly than I do now. I wonder why this is? Perhaps I have nothing interesting to say as I continue my fight with Parkinsons I was diagnosed about 12 years ago and find I am having to run faster to keep ahead of him. Maybe, I have become complacent. If so I had better pull my socks up. These posts have made me look back at things I said and made me realise that perhaps I should practice what I preached then. So thank you for making me take stock of my life with Parkinsons. I must try harder.

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  • Don't give up Court! Keep running & keep fighting! Something will come along soon that will make us all feel better & then you'll be able to slow down for the right reasons.

  • Sue, Greetings from one of your most ardent readers, "in times gone by". First a little advice,,, If, as you stated, you plan to pull your socks up, PLEASE sit down first. We cant afford to take chances. Next, This reader and I am sure there are many others who miss and wait for your posts. You say you have to run faster nowadays to keep ahead of parkie. I have the same feeling but, when you think about it, you realize the awful truth. Me an' You, Sue, we jus slowin down!!! If you must, as you say, try harder, I wish you the best. As for me, I will live joyfully through all that is left and I hope you do the same.

    It is good to see your name on a POST again..................

  • Ronn. What a lovely reply. Thank you very much for your kind words. I never imagined that anyone would miss me. I miss you and the many friends I had. Where have they all gone? Someone always had an answer to any question and I miss those days. A sign of old age, I suppose. Really appreciate your reply.

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