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Help needed for stiff neck during night preventing sleep


Hi, my friend who suffers from PD, can get to sleep fine, but if he awakes in the middle of the night he becomes aware of a tension in his neck/shoulders (as if he were holding his head up when in fact it is resting on the pillow). No position seems comfortable and he often has to get up and spend the rest of the night asleep sitting upright in a sofa. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know how what might be done to remedy it? He has tried various different pillows and also raising the top part of the mattress but nothing has really worked so far.

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I'm having a lot of neck and shoulder pain also. It's hard to describe and very uncomfortable. The only thing I've come up with is to do stretches before bed. I just started this and hope it will help. I live alone or I would have somebody give me a neck massage at night. The cat is completely uncooperative. In fact he might be why I have pain in the neck.

Not sure where you live but a few puffs of a joint before sleep really helps with this. If you live somewhere more enlightened you can probably get oil etc. which may be more suitable.

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Hi Before I started taking CBD I was waking several times with neck/ shoulder pain and having to get up and walk about ,and not sleeping well.

Now I am sleeping 8 hrs .My PD has improved yes improved and my meds working better too.

Its proved to me that Sleep is definitely as important as pills and exercise,giving the body time to care and repair.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am very grateful. What is CBD? I am new to this. Thanks.

: )

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It's hemp oil a food supplement (at the moment) of the cannabis family but with all the 'bad' stuff taken

Yes neck/shoulder tension, but for me its all day long, some days worse than others. I did a kind of experiment- I used icy-hot one day, magnesium oil the next, and arnica cream the next. The arnica wins, but so would a neck massage! I do still use icy-hot sometimes helps.

I have recovered from neck problems. For starters you must be adequately medicated lest PD cause a stiff neck. However, that is not the only cause. Here are some remedies:

1. If sleeping in a bed is problematic then sleep in a recliner. I slept on my back in a recliner for years. One day I tried sleeping in a bed and it was OK again.

2. Stretches! The half spinal twist yoga position is very helpful. I do that daily as part of my Yoga routine upon awakening:

3. Neck massager. I have an earlier model of this: When stretching is not enough this does the job.


I'm fairly new here, diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. Last spring, I noticed I had a stiff neck for many months. My Neurologist sent me for a full back MRI top to bottom. I had issues with many discs top to bottom. . Here's the thing, My L-1-L-5 (neck down were either herniated, or bulging. I was referred to a Pain Management doctor who is an Anesthesiologist. I had awful sciatica which she took care of first with a Steroidal epidural.

Your neck probably has similar injury as mine. I have learnt that it is common with Parkies. We have Bradykinesia which is a slowing down of signals from the brain to the body. This creates a backup, not unlike a car pile up, causing damage to the spine.

You should ask your doctor. You need a Back Specialist, Not a Movement Disorder Dr.

The solution to this could be as simple as a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection. Good Luck.

Like Enidah, My pain also goes down my arms at various Times. It's like Sciatica of the arms.

I am so grateful to everyone who has so kindly responded to my query. Your experiences and insights are extremely helpful and the time you have taken in answering so much appreciated. I will let you know how things develop.

I use the travel pillow when I sleep the same one we use in airplanes its helping me to some extent

I've used a lotion on my neck & lower back that works good called Topricin. I order from Amazon.

I use marajuna salve for my husbands back & shoulders... Marajuna is legal in our state which makes it easy for us to buy at the dispensary.. Praying u will find relief soon...

I find simple neck rotation exercises and Arthritis strength acetometiphine help a lot.

Massage has helped my mom with this problem and dry brushing seems to help as well.

Hi dream rain I have tortecollis which like dystonia and my main. Symptom is a stiff neck which is very uncomfortable , I have pain as well .. I was first diagnosed with pd and the i had a second opinion so now got msa -p which is Parkinisom msa stands for multiple system atrophy. . I've tried muscle relaxants for stiff neck baclofen, dizapam,clonezapam and Botox , I'm still having the Botox but it's only getting rid of the pain not the actual stiffness ,which. Is my. Main problem. If there is anyone who's had relief from a stiff neck It will be really appreciated......"

I use the flattest pillow possible to avoid waking up during the night with a stiff neck. Try slicing a memory form pillow in half horizontally if you can't find a flat pillow. Or cut open and remove half the down in your feather pillow and sew it back up.

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